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Laguna Beach Graduation Episode

Sorry the site has been slow today and the LB post is later than normal, but let's get to it. The gang graduated! Well most of it. Talan supposedly got his GED instead and Jason, well they didn't really address it but he did not graduate as we reported before.

Here are pics of the gang doing what they do best - party.

For anyone who may have missed it I won't spoil it, so if you want the sugar, read more

Once again Stephen joined the group even though he graduated last year, he clearly can't leave behind his high school days - or maybe he has.

Alex M and Taylor were chatting it up and they never looked worse. Alex M looked very bloated and Taylor was in serious need of self tanner to erase those hideous tan lines she was wearing with her strapless top. They talked about the no longer "New Girl," Casey, who has her own website for her modeling career. Don't even get me started on that one.

Everyone got a little emotional getting ready for graduation. They all got gifts from their parents mostly various jewelery. Kristin got a cooking pan but since she got a brand new BMW last week we think she made out OK.

As for Jessica's rant at the end when she found out that LC and Jason were dating - man did she look dumb. I understand why she would be jealous but to compare herself and Alex to LC is just so wrong. LC is on a whole other level. Looks like LC may be able to make Jason a changed man....maybe.

As for the scenes with Jason and LC, they continued to make out and go hot tubing again. Do they do anything else? Oh yeah, they hit the beach. They have not had one real conversation between then yet somehow they are head over heels in love. He declares his love to LC at the end of the show and instead of a cute kiss or even putting his arm around her he pushes her. So high school, yet so appropriate.

Next week looks amazing as LC puts slutty Jessica in her place. Jessica tries to mix things up with Jason again but LC is so not having any of that. I can't wait to see her tell her off at the charity event. Looks like Jason gets in trouble as well. Somehow we think he will be forgiven since LC and Jason are supposedly still together.

Image Source: ONTD, Laguna Beach Online

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