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Laguna Boring

Sorry but last night's episode was LAME. In the 22 minutes of commercial-free footage did we even see anything happen? I can usually cry pretty easily and I was ready to shed a tear for the finale but no, nada, nothing. MTV should have had commercials just so we could get a break from the nothingness that happened. Sorry, but I was let down. I was hoping for a little more action between Stephen and Kristin for old time sake.

As for the exciting new info - we found out about LC's show, The Hills, and the new cast of next seasons LB. The Hills looks cute. New hot girlfriends of LC's and an Anna Wintour cameo - now that's exciting. As for LB's season 3 cast, the high school boys somehow all all how six packs and the girls, well they all had fried, burnt hair from highlighting and straightening. Well have to see if we can get into it next season but I'm sure we'll try.

As for the original gang, clearly they have moved on. Here's another pic of Kirstin and hottie boyfriend Brody Jenner. They are at the Just Friends premiere acting all movie starish.

Source: JJB

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