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Laguna Bye Bye

One more week of LC, Kirsten, Stephen and Jason all together on the same show. NY Daily News reports that the finale next week will have some big surprises for us including some answers about next seasons characters. It will also be commercial free so we can watch the gang, like all teary eyed and, OMG, get ready to start their new lives (half of which end up in LA to try to become actors instead of going to college). There will also be a marathon of the entire season so you can get a serious LB fix all night. The cast will also be live in MTV's studio in Time Square. Fun times.

As for Monday nights episode, let's discuss. Don't want to ruin it for anyone so read more

LC is having another party. And this time she is inviting Kristin. What I don't understand is why Kirstin went to LC's party and then did not even acknowledge anyone besides Stephen. Isn't that whole thing over already? How can they milk it for another episode? Clearly Kristin does not care about Stephen yet he still runs after her and how rude was it for Kristin to not even say hello to LC and the other people at the party - at least the way that MTV edited it.

Jason and Jessica have was seems to be their final get together. Jessica stands her ground that it was not all her but she also tells Jason to call LC and clear things up. Jason tells everyone on the show how much he likes LC and he really does seem upset about being a jerk.

Jason finally meets with LC at the end of the show to ask for her forgiveness. She is still pissed and she has every reason to be. LC was all like, "How would you like it if I kissed an ex-boyfriend in front of you and then say I'm sorry. You don't kiss me in front of my friends and family and then kiss another girl in front of them. That's humiliating for me. You know you ruined everything...right? Do you have anything else to say?" And as usual, Jason had nothing to say.

Next week is the season finale. Lots of crying and goodbyes. I'm already looking forward to the big announcements for next season. Stay tuned.

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