The cast of The Last Kiss showed off last week in NYC, and walked down the red carpet this week in LA to premiere their new movie. The flick opens this weekend but we were lucky enough to catch a sneak peak. We were a bit surprised it wasn't just a fun romantic comedy based on the early trailers. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments but for the most part this movie is about wanting to kick Zach Braff's ass. You get so angry at his character and then somehow feel bad for him. Cute Rachel Bilson makes her movie debut and she's just as cute on the big screen as she is on The OC. Rachel has been getting lots of questions about her hot sex scene with Zach Braff. Here's more:

"When you are thrown into these situations where you have to pretend to have sex with a guy on camera, it gets a little awkward because you are [thinking] 'It's not cheating, yet I am making out with another guy!' And I would just say doing my first sex scene would have to be the most difficult thing ever," Bilson said.

"I was terrified!" Bilson admitted. "But Zach really helped me through it, and we're friends, so he made it very comfortable, and Tony made it very comfortable, and it was actually a really nice setting. And I'm happy I did it, because I can say I did my first sex scene, and I never have to do that again!"

My favorite part of the movie was the pep talk the father gives Zach Braff and he said, "You can't fail if you don't give up." I know it's cheesy like a few other lines in the movie but it stuck with me.

Lots more pics of Rachel and the gang so