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Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 8 years
Blah, she's so average and her clothes are made of cheap modal and she charges a fortune! Plus, I think she is the prudest girl on t.v. Realize that class doesn't mean you have to be boring or snub every guy that throws a bone your way. Plus, I mean she's been with some real "winners" too....hello JaWahl?!?! LOL!
italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
The show does make her look like that. But, I still think she's cool. And I can't stop watching. :)
cmill38 cmill38 8 years
i think she's quit smart unlike many other reality stars. she uses her exposure to get great jobs, push her brand, etc. i like her.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 8 years
She's a douche. Nice extensions. She should go back to college, get a degree, and get a day job before someone else cuter comes along and MTV rides that meal ticket into the ground ;)
ritaflafla ritaflafla 8 years
I'm not a huge fan of L.C. but i like her style... in particular, these three outfits are just so gorgeous!
smhooper smhooper 8 years
she looks so cute, i love lc!!!
babygal14 babygal14 8 years
I love her hair and i like that her makeup looks light I like her she really cares about her friends but sometimes i feel she needs to let her friends make their own choices well that's my opinion
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 8 years
I don't understand how she can say the show makes her look bad yet continues to do it. She's totally self-aware of the fact that she looks like a melodramatic fake and she'd rather make bank than change.
XpsX XpsX 8 years
i don't hate her or like her.she's just another case of what luck can do!
shopper90210 shopper90210 8 years
Can't stand her. Plus ive heard all the "success" of the show has gone to her head. I wish she would go away.
asa1 asa1 8 years
Lauren is so sexy
estella241 estella241 8 years
Agree with californiagirlx7. Hopefully we will see her new beau when the show returns in August(?).
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I actually like Lauren but she needs to stop recycling the same guys over and over again...
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
LC is not going anywhere anytime soon.
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 8 years
THANK YOU POP FOR POSTING LC ALMOST EVERYDAY! Its like im watching the hills :)
kikilitalien kikilitalien 8 years
Jesus...has it been FOUR years? Someone forgot to set the timer for 15 minutes.
MissAmyC MissAmyC 8 years
I love LC! I love that this show is helping her take second looks at herself. Not everyone gets that luxury and she seems very aware of her behavior and how it comes across. She's my fave reality star. Which is odd because I was always Team Kristen back in the LB days.
nomerz nomerz 8 years
I can't hate on a girl that is literally living her dreams and doing it with class. Go Lauren!
i like the black and white oufit.
rafaela-losardo rafaela-losardo 8 years
why POP??? WHY?
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
she looks great! I don't understand why you all hate on the girl! Shes is a natural beauty and seems to be very nice and honest.
darlene darlene 8 years
I don't care for her
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
waste of space. and every time i see her sort wearing chanel quilted handbags i weep for the bastardising of a great name
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
Stunning as ever! The clothes look good! Love Lauren
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
She looks radiant in the yellow, just more beautiful everyday. She also seems grounded and humble in the interview. She really has no power on the show. The producers produce and direct the scenes that they want and then edit for drama.
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