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Sleepingbitchy Sleepingbitchy 9 years
Never cared for her and the answers she gave OK! Mag don't make her any more likeable in my eyes^^
cari907 cari907 9 years
ok this might be ok if she was like 21 22 maybe and like not in the media but shes 30 and in the media and u are too thin tare o well
weewillyjones weewillyjones 9 years
yeah, tara, we care so much about what's going on with you. get over yourself. you're disgusting and washed up.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
I understand how she can claim she's not an alcoholic even though she is photographed in this state...if it happened ONCE! But don't you think after the first time that happened and you looked at photos of it you'd be like...oh shit, never again! That's why we think you have a problem Tara! I remember vividly when I was a senior in high school and I went on my first trip with just friends...I ended up throwing up in a restaurant. It was the most humiliating experience of my life, and I have never been anything more than pleasantly buzzed (in public ;)) since then! I don't get how Tara can be so old, face public scrutiny, and still do this. And she was way way too skinny.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
Why does this woman's face always look so trashed? Like she's been up and out all night drinking.
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
Oh, really?!
desertbanshee desertbanshee 9 years
NO FUR Tara.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
^^ What the heck? Anyways, she's an inebriated mess. How old is this chick anyways? Hard drinking/partying has really aged her badly. I'm 36 and I look way better than her. *SMH*
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
<--- 36 years young and I look better than Tara. How old is she, 25, 26? Drinking really does ages you. She's an inebriated mess. *SMH* Poor thang.
febe febe 9 years
forgot what to say, brain freeze!!! she parties way too much than she actually calls for. i mean, "...punish others for being happy. ." okay me and her have two different meanings for being happy. i'll repeat what i said before, can we just send paris, pam and her in a rocket to mars??
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
damnnn; f*cked up
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
Kellebelle Kellebelle 9 years
sad, sad, sad.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
Call me what you may, but dancing on a table is not my idea of having a good time with my friends.
Lie Lie 9 years
Why not boycot Tara, Paris and the rest of the slutty partygirls here on popsugar? No one likes them anyway. In that fur she's as ugly as her heart.
wickidgrrl wickidgrrl 9 years
WOW, what a surprise... ofcourse i am being sarcastic
Roccoco Roccoco 9 years
Popsugar is so strange, they seem to concentrate on no names-there are a dozen other decent celebs who should be on this site but are not! very annoying having to see this skank and britney spears constantly wasting space!!we all know that they are messed up, do we have to dwell on it every single day?? Get ORIGINAL popsugar!!
2princesses 2princesses 9 years
One word - denial.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 9 years
she parties too much and made a reality tv show about partying. she looks really bad from that.
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 9 years
Tara Reid should serve as a cautionary tale for what happens to a person who indulges in too much debauchery and hard living, irregardless of their age. She definitely looks worse from wear! And just think, I found her to be utterly adorable on American Pie. I guess that ship has sailed1
tiabia tiabia 9 years
What is up with the Sugar family and the need to post on this girl. Is she like a favorite or something, because I can list far worthier women that SHOULD be posted on. Tara Reid is a sloppy excuse for a human being and seriously doesn't deserve the words that you, I and a whole slew of other people give her!!!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
She is so disgusting.
nomerz nomerz 9 years
haha, mayeb63 -- sounds good to me! ;)
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
She just needs to stop. Im not sure how this chick become a "celebrity" in the first she an actress? VJ? a celeb because she has celeb friends? I dont know! What I do know is she needs to go away.
roxy17 roxy17 9 years
Skinny....fat.....doesn't make her any less of a idiot.
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