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Leo Says Movies Are Like College Courses

Leo stocked up on a carton of cigarettes at the gas station the other day. For someone so concerned about clean air and our environment, you would think he would want his lungs to stay clean as well. Perhaps it is for a role. Recently, the actor compared the research that he does on his films to taking a college course. He never went to college, but he's read about it, of course. That counts, right? Here's more:

"Every movie I do - like GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AVIATOR - is like taking a college course on that subject matter, and each time I've gotten involved with these movies it's been like a giant tutorial. "You have to be a detective and you have to investigate. You have to be a historian in that regard, so, yeah, it's like taking courses, which is great, 'cause I never went to college."

I guess there are some similarities. He has to memorize a lot of lines, learn about different eras, and if the movie bombs at the box office it's like a big fat F. However, the big difference is that Leo's bank account is much bigger once he's done with his course!


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