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Francisgoslen Francisgoslen 6 years
but thit is real, get over it
whatevaaa whatevaaa 6 years
Well, #23,24&25 you are clearly the minority. Most people find them weird together and won`t buy this romance thing. It`s so odd that it can`t be real!
qteepie qteepie 6 years
I agree with number 23 and 24. Who cares who he's with. Its not affecting my life. Some people are really miserable
janekay janekay 6 years
agreed with #23..what's all this mumbo jumbo nonsense about he being too good for her, just because he makes more money and is a bigger actor? really?...that is so much crap..they make a cute couple...i hope he marries her, then maybe some of you people will shut up with your nonsense...
JennyV12 JennyV12 6 years
why is everyone jealous of her?? she looks great and he well... he is leo dicaprio they make a lovely couple and they are happy so let them be
Brangie Brangie 6 years
I like how his socks match his t-shirt! lmfao!
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
I'm with stephley, I don't know he can get away with dressing like that. The dude is pushing 40. Did Leo really go out without Lukas? I refuse to believe that.
becksyyD becksyyD 6 years
Picture #3 is way too blurry to be sure about hand holding, It seems like his arm is behind hers. She wants to act alongside Leo? How crazy is this woman? She is nothing more than a Gossip Girl actress. I guess she realized it so instead of the role she went for the cash-cow... I don`t think she is a beard but this smells like a setup big time. She cheapens him.
stephley stephley 6 years
Definitely hand holding picture # 3.
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 6 years
I don't see any hand holding :)
Burkina Burkina 6 years
She is obviously a beard, whether she knows it or not. He doesn't need a PR showmance.
Bazzy Bazzy 6 years
I get why her team wants her to be with him. I just don't get why he agreed to it. It's not like he needs to raise his profile and it's not like he can't get supermodels. The whole thing is kind of strange.
shuboy20 shuboy20 6 years
I heard she really really wants to act alongside DiCaprio in a movie.....thats why she wanted that role so badly. She wants to be his girlfriend or wife etc. in a film....
becksyyD becksyyD 6 years
Hand-holding? Where? Leo needs to dump her already! Disaster of a girlfriend. @12: Given the fact how much she wanted a role in that movie ( what was she thinking with her `talent`? ) it would be ironic to see her there a lot...
shuboy20 shuboy20 6 years
You know what would be strange? If he is shooting Gatsby in Australia and she hangs out on the set. Now that would be something....
whatevaaa whatevaaa 6 years
HIDEOUS COUPLE! Blake is degrading for him with her `fashion icon` delusion ( she looks like a scarecrow most of the time ). They are just off in a weird way from the very beginning. Am not buying it either... She is so out of his league that it can`t be real! :O
stephley stephley 6 years
It has to suck to be dating an A List movie star when he dresses like a geeky 8-year old. If any regular guy showed up dressed like that, we’d all be screaming ‘dump him’!
ashkell ashkell 6 years
It seems like there every move is captured on camera. Now that he's with Blake there relationship is everywhere. New pics every week almost. Interesting...
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
she doesn't look "porky" ever...she does look like she's missing a chromosome most days
chocolate79 chocolate79 6 years
what is she wearing?! she looks kind of porky here..
mar mar 6 years
why am I not buying this romance?
qteepie qteepie 6 years
Clearly thats a top and she's wearing shorts under. Check out the last picture. I swear you people find any reason to hate this girl. He's with her and if she makes him happy let them be. He's no prince charming and its not like he would be interested in any of you so just leave them alone.
mimisnowball mimisnowball 6 years
That's not a dress - its a long shirt! That rides up at the front. Not good.
noonehere noonehere 6 years
I'm more appalled by Blake's dress. hideous!
tigerheart tigerheart 6 years
*What Definitely a bit depressed!
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