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Let's Get Back to Brad and Angelina's Wedding

Let's Get Back to Brad and Angelina's Wedding

There has been so much baby news this week we almost forgot about Brad and Angelina. You knew that couldn't last too long. Besides, they will be joining the baby headlines sometime soon as well. In the meantime, let's return to the wedding rumors for America's most or least favorite couple. Will they or won't they wed before the baby arrives?

Here's more:

Brad and Angie may plan to have their wedding at a remote lodge in Namibia, says a friend. Angie is also considering having a traditional Namibian ceremony, which is usually performed by a local tribal chief in the Bantu dialect! Pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style to read all the exclusive details of the wedding: from the rings and the gown to Brad and Angie’s barefoot vows and private ceremony.

Of course, other tabloids are reporting that Angelina is planning on dumping Brad once the baby arrives. Apparently it has something to do with him being jealous and how they can't decide on anything together blah blah blah.

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