I think most agree on this site that Mandy is a smart, beautiful, talented, successful actress as well as a wonderful role model. Too bad it seems like she may not have the brightest folks on staff. Page Six reports a goofy story from this weekend. Enjoy:

THE search is on for the dimwitted flack who mistakenly called designer Kai Milla's p.r. rep in a huff last week. An amused Stephen Bender tells PAGE SIX, "I received a phone call from a frantic young lady screaming, 'How dare you use Mandy Moore's name for an event you are doing when she is not even in New York!?' I said, 'Excuse me, what are you talking about?' 'You have Mandy Moore's name on the press release for this Stevie Wonder concert. She won't be able to make it, but thanks for the invite.' And I replied, 'Do you mean Kai Milla, Stevie Wonder's wife's fashion show which took place [last] Tuesday?' She screamed back, 'I guess so. Why is she on your media alert? Don't ever use her name ever!' So I look at the press release, and tell her, 'I am holding the media alert that went out Sunday and it lists several names and then says many more, not Mandy Moore.' And click, she hung up. The funny part is Mandy Moore has so many different reps for music, acting, whatever, that we can't figure out which one it was. Come forward and confess."

Whoops and haha. She just launched her Spring line of Mblem shirts. I got to get me some of those just to support this girl. Here are some pics of Mandy from the launch.