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Lies Lies Lies - Poor Nick and Jessica

First US Weekly had the audacity to make up crap about Jessica and Nick because they are bitter they no longer have an exclusive relationship with the stars. While we admit Jessica should not have burned bridges with the other magazines, US Weekly is starting to go too far. It's like they are starting to turn into Star.

So what's wrong with Star? Well now they are claiming some college chick hooked up with him. Danielle Calo who is 19 - yes 19, is claiming she "indulged in a passionate, hour-long French-kissing session" with Nick. Please - she wishes.

What is it about Jessica and Nick that everyone wants to tear them apart? Can't we let them be the happily married couple we fell in love with. They can have problems like other couples, but announcing divorces that aren't true over and over again and the cheating rumors of Jessica and now Nick. Can't we just leave the hot couple alone? Enough already.

Image Source: Sweet Kisses
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