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Life & Style Finally Gives Up

Life & Style Finally Gives Up

After two weeks of insisting Tom and Katie have split, they move on to Nick and Jessica. While most magazines are reporting their nasty divorce, L&S is once again taking the other side and saying the couple may reconcile. It's all just so confusing. Here's more:

Talk about a complicated split! Since announcing their divorce, Nick Lachey and and Jessica Simpson seemed to be interacting only through their lawyers. But just recently the pair shared an intimate conversation that could change everything between them and may even spark a reunion!

Read the intimate details of the conversation between Nick and Jessica in this week’s issue of Life & Style.

However, Gawker points out that L&S is already making up another interesting story this weekend. They are claiming Matt McConaughey may already be married to his girlfriend, Penelope Cruz since he was wearing a wedding band on his left hand. Too bad In Touch has the same photo and made sure the Nike sign was facing the right way proving that Matt was wearing a ring on his right hand so it means nothing. Oh those trick tabloids.


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