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Lindsay, Cameron and Drew???

BFFs Drew and Cameron both just broke up with their long term boyfriends so we knew we'd see more of them together these days. What we're shocked to see is these two single girls hanging out with LL. The trio had a girls night out at Hyde this week. X17 even scored a video of the girls leaving the club together!

We are just stunned to see Cameron and Drew hanging out with Lindsay, but I guess she's the one to turn to if a single girl wants to get back into the party scene. More of LL getting some free swag at the Silver Spoon Golden Globes suite so









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JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
My mum has great skin and at 56 she has less lines on her face than Lohan....god Lilo looks like shit her
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Wow, that's really weird. What is the big appeal with this girl???
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
Lindsay looks a lot better now - with the weight on.
emmad18 emmad18 10 years
LL looks horrible in that first picture. Is it bitchy that that makes me happy?? :)
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Drew & Cameron & LL? That's random. Maybe Drew is trying to guide LL, help her out.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
Way to upgrade the friends. I hope the good parts of Drew and Cam rub off on LiLo.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
Lol boogles, good point! LL, step away from the Charlie's Angels...DO NOT attempt to corrupt Cammie & Drew with your binge-drinking, coke-snorting, pole-dancing, boyfriend-stealing, Paris ass-kissing, boob-flashing, fire-crotching, herpes-encrusted-lip ways!!! I'm warning you Lindsey...
Brittany14706805 Brittany14706805 10 years
i think almost all of LLs pics close up look bad, probly cuz shes really ugly and from far away you cant tell. Just looking at her makes me wanna gag
boogles boogles 10 years
they're hanging out with her cuz she's #1-scarlett-hater.
Bunbunhun Bunbunhun 10 years
I don't think she looks that bad, especially the first pic. She looks normal - wrinkles and cute freckles and all. She's not airbrushed, and that's cool. It just looks to me like the picture was snapped as she was speaking or turning her head. Also, why automatically assume that D&C (sorry :) ) are hanging with her because they want to party? I think they could be really positive influences on her, and Drew especially would know where she's coming from.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
these pictures annoy the living hell out of me for some reason. Its the tude. AND stop with the peace sign..WTF! Do you want piece from the paps, for your fans, for the world? WHAT! Do you even know?
kittycat kittycat 10 years
she has so many wrinkles. she's got more wrinkles than me and she's younger.
freddysgurl freddysgurl 10 years
uhhh... i hate this girl
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
She's not as pretty close up, as she is far away.
filmgurl filmgurl 10 years
how is it that Lindsay's even GETTING INTO HYDE - she is not 21 and it's a 21 and over club!
Brittany14706805 Brittany14706805 10 years
LL has NEVER looked good the only times shes looked even half decent were when she was airbrushed on a magazine cover, and even then there was no hope. She just needs to quit acting b4 it just gets worse.
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
She is aging at the SPEED OF LIGHT! Drink water, not booze, LL!
mandyjean mandyjean 10 years
I usually say she looks great, because she usually does, but this must have been a bad hair day or something.
Beth1122 Beth1122 10 years
She looks terrible. Is she using meth? Her face is starting to look distorted or something...eww not right
sarah100682 sarah100682 10 years
LL looks like shiznit
Tiinnaaaa Tiinnaaaa 10 years
ew.. shes fugly
sashak sashak 10 years
well, there goes my opinion of Drew. I didn't much acre for Cammie in the 1st place...
Laydeewinx Laydeewinx 10 years
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 10 years
whoa, okay.. she looks really bad in these pictures.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I was going to say that she's looking better than usual, but I don't think anyone is going to agree with me! This is interesting, Lindsay sure gets around, doesn't she?!?
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