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Lindsay Cleans Up Her Act

Lindsay looks stunning at Smashbox studios for a photoshoot. This color is amazing on her. She looks well rested. Could it be she is really trying to lay low and ditch her jack and coke image? The Gatecrasher reports:

"She's heard everyone and is cleaning up her act," says a friend.

"Lindsay is really taking it easy these days. ... she is focused on work and [boyfriend] Harry [Morton]."

Lohan's love of the nightlife has kept her in the gossip pages. But she was stung by a recent letter from the producer of her new film, "Georgia Rule," slamming her hard partying and lax work practices.

"It was a turning point," says the friend. "She realized it was a matter of either stepping up or stepping down.

"Lindsay took this seriously; she takes her career seriously. She has been going home early every night and [arriving] at work on time since the letter."

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