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Lindsay's Ex-Riley Is a Sleaze, As Expected

Lindsay's Ex-Riley Is a Sleaze, As Expected

Lindsay Lohan may not have the worst hair of the year, but she's certainly in the running for worst choice of men (contending, again, with Brit I'd say). Riley Giles, her rehab boyfriend who hit the curb soon after their Thanksgiving trip to NYC, celebrated the holiday spirit by talking to News of the World all about their sex life. Ugh, lovely, right?

Beyond the details of their bedroom life, Riley talked about how emotional she was and how she basically traded her drug addiction in for a sex addiction and now a shopping addiction. I'm sure he got a tidy little paycheck for all this nonsense. As if LL doesn't have a rough enough track record with guys, I can't imagine this will make her want to trust anyone again anytime soon. Hopefully she's having a relaxing holiday and not reading everything the boy she supposedly "loved" decided to sell to the press.

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ryanwells112343 ryanwells112343 9 years
What a lucky guy. Anyone who bangs Lindsay Lohan and take her nude pics is awesome. I hear she is usually a stuck up bitch. When do we get to see her nude pics? That's easy, offer her coke and once she snorts it, tell her that sex is a cure. Man she must be easy.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
this is really bad form, he was just bitter and wanting to get back at her
Ginger Ginger 9 years
This is exactly what most people expected when she first showed up with this guy. I don't feel sorry for her and she isn't trying. If she paid attention in rehab, they discuss how you should not get involved with people while you are recovering. She ignored that.
preete preete 9 years
They r both nasty......... Well, I dont feel sorry for her bcoz she deserves that.I always knew that she had a bad choice for her men.But I never knew that she had a worse choise for her cloths.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
Hardly some shocking revelations from Riley. Seriously though, these girls need to stop picking guys who will spill all their sex secrets for money.
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
DFlyGoddess DFlyGoddess 9 years
I feel sorry for her for getting involved with someone while she's so new in her recovery. I feel sorry for him for being a loser all around. I feel sorry for everyone who reads this article and believes that (1) Riley is able to dish out "expert" testimony about how Lindsay is jumping from one addiction to another. When did he become a psychologist? (2) Riley's blah blah blah about Lindsay's "insatiable appetite" was more about her being addicted to sex than it was about his tooting of his own sexual prowess horn. "She'd have worn out most guys?" But not you, eh Riley? You stud you! On another note, why does "demanding" "a lot" of sex make her a sex addict? Couldn't be that she actually *gasp* likes sex? Unreal.
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
Glad to hear Lindsay dumped him-He is a sleaze. She has been looking healthy and straight-Good 4 her.
febe febe 9 years i didnt know he was a sleaze? seriously,just look at him.
barbienaki barbienaki 9 years
well this is just so what we dissapoionted us one more time Linds...when are you planning to get serious?just for once...?
rhona-mai rhona-mai 9 years
i do wish her well...she's been trying real hard to cope with her life
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years lay with dogs, you get up with fleas. She should have been smarter..I'm so sick of these STUPID girls with money.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
yup her taste in men is horrible.
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 9 years
Yeah i don't feel sorry for her. WHATEVER.
Lippy Lippy 9 years
He's an a*ss for talking, but I can believe it...Lindsay once said something along the lines of being influenced by Sex and the City as far as her sex life - but jeez, not even Samantha was that insatiable...LOL
nomerz nomerz 9 years
I don't have sympathy for her, she invites these kinds of things to happen. And honestly I don't think he's that far off in saying that she has a sex/shopping addiction ... I don't believe for a second that this girl has changed.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
I know a Riley Giles. Different Riley Giles obviously. TMZ was calling his house asking about Lindsay. He was clueless. I was pissed. I want TMZ to call me! :)
splayer splayer 9 years
Not surprised.
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 9 years
He is very sleazy. Regardless of her awful taste in men, he shouldn't have blabbed to a tabloid. Come on!
ksrli ksrli 9 years
I don't know. I think hes just a sleaze ball. I mean seriously he claims to love her in the article. But if you loved someone would you tell the world they are a sex addict for a big fat paycheck. I think not. I harbor a love for her so maybe I'm biased. :)
sarah100682 sarah100682 9 years
i think LL is getting what she deserves, however I think she is really trying to change...and that she is not getting the credit she deserves...she is trash...but if she is trying to turn her life around, then good for her...the last thing she needs is this guy running his mouth...i believe he is probably telling the truth...but hes only mad that she dumped him...but thats his own stupidity, did he REALLY think she would stay with him once she left rehab? I would hope hes not that stupid.
limeUp limeUp 9 years
I actually do feel a little sorry for her. I mean, look at those pictures she took of herself in that article. She clearly wants the attention and wants to feel accepted and loved. Except she's never going to get it from these men that she chooses. She's obviously not a strong person so her decision making skills are going to reflect that. That and her sorry excuse for parents, make me feel just a tad bit of pity for her.
nicolebeth nicolebeth 9 years
I've actually started feeling sorry for Lindsay, yes, it's true. She brings it on herself--boob job at 16, the drugs, the alcohol, the drunk driving, being late for sets, etc. Where were her parents when she wanted to move out at what was it, 16, 17? And, when guys have this many problems (especially the drugs) it's barely talked about--Robert Downey, Jr., Christian Slater, Kiefer Sutherland (he's just a man for going to jail without complaints). How about Colin Farrell, too? By his own accounts, he's very into drinking, drugs, and sex. Anyway, I was thinking about this as I watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with my daughter. First, Lindsay was so unbelievably huge on top that it really looked ridiculous. She looked way too old to play the part, and she really wasn't. She already had a husky smoker voice. She already seemed like she'd seen and done way too much to capture any kind of high school innocence. It's just pretty sad.
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
team lohan! can't believe i'm on board with her...
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
I actually believe everything he said. But they're both NASTY!
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