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Lindsay's Ex-Riley Is a Sleaze, As Expected

Lindsay's Ex-Riley Is a Sleaze, As Expected

Lindsay Lohan may not have the worst hair of the year, but she's certainly in the running for worst choice of men (contending, again, with Brit I'd say). Riley Giles, her rehab boyfriend who hit the curb soon after their Thanksgiving trip to NYC, celebrated the holiday spirit by talking to News of the World all about their sex life. Ugh, lovely, right?

Beyond the details of their bedroom life, Riley talked about how emotional she was and how she basically traded her drug addiction in for a sex addiction and now a shopping addiction. I'm sure he got a tidy little paycheck for all this nonsense. As if LL doesn't have a rough enough track record with guys, I can't imagine this will make her want to trust anyone again anytime soon. Hopefully she's having a relaxing holiday and not reading everything the boy she supposedly "loved" decided to sell to the press.

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