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diy diy 9 years
I think Lindsay has the potential to be a true actor, shes quite good. She just needs to clean up her act and maybe stay out of the limelight, especially if shes fresh out of rehab. She shouldnt give the media the time of day right now.
Marci Marci 9 years
MistyEdge hit the nail on the head about Riley. 14 room but no one's home, I'd say.
dasey_marvolona dasey_marvolona 9 years
i mean not everyone can look amazing i dont but i think it is good to try not to judge by wat the look like
dasey_marvolona dasey_marvolona 9 years
even though he may not look the pretty but if she likes him in aprove
AshleyDaigh AshleyDaigh 9 years
JUNKIES WHY ARE YOU YELLING????????? and re-read misty's posts why don't you. she's no stalker, but people like to think the worse and make your little comments i know. if you would have read it and comprehended what she said you would have seen that she went back to re-read the posts that purpleisafruit posted because she wanted to find out who this person was that had said she was fuc*ked up. comprehend anything now? as to your first comment about paris, jolie, and LL doing so much good... LL hasn't stepped foot in Africa, so she hasn't helped anyone, saying it for an interview sounds real good..but action is what is important, not empty words. I'll believe it when I see it, (she herself said nothing had been finalized yet) #2 when did Paris help anyone that she didn't try to exploit her own self? Going to Hospitals to help? She claimed to have volunteered at a children's hospital in LA but only stayed for 15 minutes...what did she do? that's not even time enough to say hi and read a book! It's clear she only wanted the publicity. And don't get me started on the whole Angelina stuff. Yeah, she adopted some kids, because she likes to be needed. It's funny how she could do it in privacy so there wouldn't be so much press and paparazzi, but people knew well in advance about every move they make. It's because they leak it themselves for more attention. Britney does it with her antics, JOLIE does it with her kids. I hope her kids do grow up "healthy" but somehow I find it hard to believe these kids are gonna get a normal life because it's just not stable and they have a lack of normal relationships int heir lives. All the money and bodyguards and nannies can't makeup for true friendship. Angelina cant even make up with her own father, she doesnt care about the kids having a relationship with their grandfather, all she cares about is her own hate. It's all about her and what she thinks,no one else. So yeah, these people are doing a whole lot of good for others...only if the celebrities get something out of it first.
junkies_la junkies_la 9 years
junkies_la junkies_la 9 years
catdaddy catdaddy 9 years
I've got NO respect for her. She is lost confused and unable to make intelligent decisions. She needs help big time. The last thing she needs is some dude hanging around her, especially one like this. Poor Poor LL
Seasick Seasick 9 years
erazz watch there are some on here jumping on anyone who says he looks "special"... because we all know they never insult
Wendy-Brandes Wendy-Brandes 9 years
I find it so condescending when people inflict themselves on Africa for their own self-esteem/publicity.
erazz erazz 9 years
She picked him??? That one is not going to last long. He looks a little "special" to me.
cari907 cari907 9 years
she looks so differnt and her bf isnt hot at all watever hope she really changed 4 good hope i c her in merrick lol
Seasick Seasick 9 years
well said Misty, I totally agree
MistyEdge MistyEdge 9 years
purpleisafruit To your comment thinking it's FU*KED up that people say Riley looks mentally ill or slow. I think it's F'd up that you have the audacity to tell someone that ON A COMMENT Blog that they are F'd up by having a negative opinion about someone. Do I need to remind you that comment bogs would BE NOTHING without opinions.... I had some free time and because I do take offense when someone says I'm F'd up, and I just had to go back and read who you were, because you just HAVE to be a Saint in that you can tell the rest of us that we're so F'd Up! I went back and read some of your earlier comments..I couldn't believe you had he nerve to jump on me and others when you go around making fun of Owen Wilson's nose, calling Jessica Simpson a transvestite, you said that Paris Hilton was genuinely stupid, hypocritical, and a silly cow." When asked once if anyone thought Nicole Ritchie was really pregnant you said "she's like those pictures you see of starving children with their big tummies. She's just malnourished. I'm betting." Umm you were wrong...when talking of P Diddy and his wife (and Seinna) you said they were all 3 pathetic and that Kim only sticks around for Diddy's money (like you know her so well right?) Diddy is a whore. Sienna is yet to show any real talent for anything other than sleeping around...and poor Marc Jacobs, this is what you said about him just because he was wearing a backpack---> My eyes! My retinas are burned by its horribleness! Naughty Marc Jacobs broke my eyes. (that was really nice of you wasn't it) When you heard that Paris was going to jail you wrote--->I think deriving joy from someone else's pain is totally justified in this case. I thought it was hilarious when I heard this. You also wrote--->There's a reason everyday people aren't in blockbuster movies. Ugly doesn't sell. Although, just to completely screw with my own logic - there's the example of Spiderman which has two of the fugliest actors in the lead roles - You said Prince William looked like a horse in the face.... (OMG how could you say that about someone's looks!!! They can't help it you know) You were so excited about Britney's upcoming performance on TV that you even wrote " I can't wait to see what happens. If it's a train wreck it'll be entertaining to watch "----NICE----so let me get this would be entertaining to you, to see someone fail and embarrass themselves, knowing they have children and family and are basically human just like you...Umm, Ok...and to think I thought you were this goodie two shoes because of the way you felt like you could speak to me about an opinion I had. are what you call a Hypocrite! I think getting off on someone's miserable life is 10 times worse than saying someone looks "slow"..who are you to judge people on a blog when you have left the same type of comments yourself! First of all, POPSUGAR is a place for people to express their opinions on things...sometimes it's funny, sometimes its not..a lot of times a comment is said in an exaggerated way, just as with this situation...I'm sure he's not mentally challenged, but the people who said that were just exaggerating ....people do it ALL THE TIME..I can't stand it when there are that select few who think they are up on some pedestal and can talk down to someone for having an opinion...Matter of fact this is for all of you who are on your high horse and coming down on those of us who said he looked "slow, a loser..or what ever" Every single one of you have said something NEGATIVE about someone on this web go try and sell your load of crap to someone else, because Im not buying it. People don't come to celebrity blogs for educational purposes, we all know what goes on here, so don't act SHOCKED that someone said something negative about this guy. WAKE UP and stop patting yourselves on the back because you think you are so much better... An insult is a FREAKING insult..and don't even try to justify your insults against mine or anyone else's...your comments against people are just as hurtful, if you don't think so then you have more problems than I thought.
jessugar jessugar 9 years
i think it was smart of her to arrange an interview -- i can't believe i'm using "smart" to describe any of her actions, but magazines like "ok" are going to write about everything she does out of rehab, so she's taking a peremptory step to make sure she gets her spin out there. it's really one of the most p.r.-sound things she's done in two years. that said, i'm really pulling for her to stay clean.
mrodphoto mrodphoto 9 years
Off Topic: Does anyone know where to find pants like the grey ones she is wearing in that photo. I love them. On Topic: If she really wanted to stay clean she wouldn't date other users.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
I love Lindsay! :D
Karma-Co Karma-Co 9 years
Riley sounds like a real "catch"... Not! lol Rehab romances are doomed.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Well, this bit of news pretty much explains some questions I have had about Lindsay's stay in rehab. There's nothing new going on here, she still courts the press and has to be in a mag as soon as she emerges, still takes the time to do the ever important tan and ridiculous extensions. I would have taken her far more seriously if she would have let her hair go natural. And now it turns out she has a boyfriend who she met there. No wonder she stayed longer. Whatever.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
oh's like Kevin Federline & Britney way back...
purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 9 years
She does look a lot healthier. On some earlier comments: It's pretty fucked up to say someone looks mentally ill based on a picture (or even if that's based on how mentally ill people are portrayed in movies). I'll readily admit I find that pretty offensive (I'm not going to argue the point - I'm just putting my 2 cents in). Having said that, LL's comments about not going out as much and the fact that she's seeing someone when she's just out of rehab don't bode well. As for her going for interviews, etc so soon doesn't surprise me. She's been away from things for so long and there have been so many negative stories printed about her (for good reason) that of course she's going to try and put a positive spin on things ASAP. I have difficulty understanding why people would be surprised about that.
marionettevirus marionettevirus 9 years
her trousers are pretty great.
vivelamour vivelamour 9 years
Yay Lindsay. But it's one thing to say that you've changed, now you gotta prove it. I hope she keeps herself straightened this time.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
So while in rehab, she started dating a guy she met there? This doesn't sound promising.
allien86 allien86 9 years
I agree the guy looks dodgy and don't feel that hooking up with another rehabber is a good idea. Oh well... presumably she will be over him in a few weeks.
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