LL, K-Fed, Justin Chambers from Grey's and many more came out to celebrate the launch of the new Xbox 360 game, Gear of Wars. I would love to hear the conversation between LL and K-Fed. It's good she's making at least one new friend, because it turns out LL is still involved in some major housing drama. She's apparently out of the Chateau Marmont and moving into the condo she couldn't sell, but the condo residents aren't happy. Here's more

“We’ve always had celebrity residents, but all of them either lead quieter lives or are barely ever here,” one resident tells LifeandStylemag.com. "Everyone thinks she'll be having parties, and I'm sure she will. Beyond the noise factor, it's a security issue. Look at the type of and number of people she hangs out with. We don't want them roaming the building."

"We fear that’s what will greet us every day if Lindsay moves in," says the insider.

Compounding the issue is Linds’ age: At 20, she’s much younger than the other condo owners at Sierra Towers, “sixty percent [of whom] are easily over 60,” says the resident.

“This is not going to end well,” says the resident. “Mark my words, she’ll be made miserable by the complaints and leave. Hopefully she won’t move in at all.”

Ouch! The girl just cannot please anyone these days. More pics from the Xbox party including K-Fed testing the game, LL posing and Dominique Swain so