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Lindsay Lohan Jail Sentence

Breaking: Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail

Lindsay Lohan was just sentenced to 120 days in county jail. Lindsay arrived at an LA courthouse for a hearing earlier today, and the judge reduced the felony charges against her stemming from her involvement in a Venice jewelry store theft to a misdemeanor. That small victory for Lindsay was followed up by a harsh sentence, jail time, for her probation violation. Lindsay was taken into booking, though she does have the option to appeal and post bail. She's served time behind bars before, but it doesn't look like this will be the end of Lindsay's legal trouble.

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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
rot in jail ya w***e :)
dreejay dreejay 6 years
No doubt about it, that should not have been reduced to a misdemeanor. She was in jail for a bathroom break and then out again. If Lindsay was my daughter/sister/anything, I would take her out of the spotlight, the nightclubs, the press junkets until she gets herself together. Her family is doing her a complete and utter disservice.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
She's appealing, so she's out....due in for another court appearance next month. This will only continue.
jackiered jackiered 6 years
and why do we care a flip about this talentless person?
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 6 years
She'll be out in a couple of weeks, and then will be richly rewarded for her "suffering" by media attention. Don't you see the "in-depth exclusives" coming? the crocodile tears? the public sympathy? Gross.
outofhere outofhere 6 years
Ya, for her 120 days in jail will translate to a few hours :oy:
Burkina Burkina 6 years
So about 4 hours before "overcrowding" ?
Aceblue-21 Aceblue-21 6 years
Lindsay be strong and don't drop the soap let'em know your not going to be nobody's bitch together do some push-up's keep a Shank piece close by and you'll be find good luck in the hole :(
Nicky5 Nicky5 6 years
^^ Yup she'll serve a few weeks and then she'll be let go for 'good behavior' or 'not enough room'. Please she needs to be in there for at least a year for things to actually start changing.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
And she will probably only serve 20% of that sentence if it sticks. I doubt this will be a wake up call for her.
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