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ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
seriously, she forgot the bottom of her outfit...yuck
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
she's just mad cuz someone is stealing the limelight away from her. oh.. and hideous outfit by the way!
xpusoula xpusoula 9 years
la lohan use to dress soo trendy "wha happan mon??!!!?"
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
Of course Linds doesnt think its a big deal, she was spreading em wide at 16...she isnt exactly the go to girl for innocence
snooge426 snooge426 9 years
i think she looks so cute. i really want that outfit. it's adorable!
veggiegolucky veggiegolucky 9 years
Wow...her outfit! And yeah, I definately sense some jealousy.
ediebaby ediebaby 9 years
It's always a big deal when a teenager gets prego lindz and the fact that she's famous makes it even bigger....duh! I'm sensing a bit of jealousy. Effing idiot!
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
i love BORING lohan!
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 9 years
I agree with what Amandalovesserin said, all she did was point out something very obvious with some of the comments. You're all entitled to your own opinions, but since when did it matter whether or not Lindsay needed to wear pants with that shirt(when it appears that she was wearing leggings...then again they could be tights)? If you're all entitled to your opinions here, then maybe Amanda should be given the same courtesy. After all, she was trying to get us to stop and think, had she been personally attacking you all, then she would've hurled insult after insult at you instead of actually saying something worthwhile. I don't think Lindsay was seeking any attention by saying that about Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, she probably was giving her opinion on all of the media attention JL's been getting as of late. Then again, what would I know since some may think I'm being paid to say that? Asia, you raised some very excellent points in your comments. Now that I look back on my life as a teen, I'm kind of glad I never really had a serious boyfriend. Hell, I'm glad that I made it through high school without even bearing a child. I've known some girls who have gotten pregnant, some dropped out of school to take care of their babies and some stayed in school. Back then, there were some who have told me that I do NOT want to be in their situation EVER! When I think back on it, I never was ready to have a child that young; I may have been ready physically, but mentally; emotionally; and financially? Absolutely not. Had I gotten pregnant while still in high school, then I would've put my baby up for adoption. Reading those articles about the realities of teenage motherhood in issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine also helped out, knowing the hard times those girls went through and were going through were all too real, reading those articles pretty much contributed to my planning as to what I would do in case I became pregnant while in high school. Am I ready now? Not completely, I'm ready mentally, but not financially and I'm kind of doubtful about the emotional aspect. Personally, that 17 year old girl's boyfriend is putting her through all of that crap because he doesn't want to take responsiblility. Going by what you posted about her, she never slept around and her boyfriend was the only one she slept with, and she's being called a ho? That is a lot of bs, and she doesn't deserve all of that. Why are her boyfriend's parents making her take a paternity test? If she slept with him only, then there shouldn't be all of this bs. Those assholes who supposedly were her 'friends' probably weren't any real friends to begin with. Hopefully, some things will turn out in her favor and one lesson out of the many she'll learn in the years to come is that she now knows who her real friends are. I've seen cases like hers on episodes of Maury with the paternity tests and the out of control teens, especially those who want a baby so badly that they're doing everything they can think of to get pregnant.
CherryPop- CherryPop- 9 years
ou about lindsay ... i really hate what shes wearing thistime :(
CherryPop- CherryPop- 9 years
a 16 year old pregnant girl is really not that big deal its just that everyone knows her . but if a regular 16 year old would get pregnant no one would know it (only relatives and friends by the time i guess) It happens with loads of girls that age soo yea :/
GabiRocha GabiRocha 9 years
dirrtyhoney dirrtyhoney 9 years
She's so desperate! Awful... No comment on her... :nerdgirl:
paradisee paradisee 9 years
well after readin some of the comments ESp. Asia84 ive decided the preggy is worse cuz not only your own life is ruin it meant another an innocence life and " there are a lot of other 16-year-olds who's pregnant" these thought is gonna actually changes people's mind that it's OK to get pregnant when you not even legally to drink what a horrible thought
paradisee paradisee 9 years
i cant tell which one is worse Double DUIs or got Knock up at 16 ?
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
Day Care at PROM??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait. how can you afford a dress when you have a baby???? oh, so you wanna be grown and screw, but you wanna revert and go to prom so you can wear your glitter lip gloss. OMG! a school that does this is just sending the wrong message to teens. you screw, you pay the price. no cutting corners and making provisions. prom is a privilege for those who went through high school and did what they were SUPPOSE to do. And day care at prom??? there are grown women who work and can't get day care. heck they can barely juggle baby, job, and God forbid they have a doctor's appointment that day. but no . . .you get to screw, screw up, pop a baby, AND go to prom?!!! oh, NOW i'm pissed!
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
Any 16 year old pregnant is a big deal. a friend of mines sister is preggers, she jus turned 17 in Novemeber, and it's a BIG deal. that crap isn't cute, and it's VERY SAD. Her boyfriend's parents aren't letting him see her until the baby is born and there is a paternity test! these two have been luv-birds since she was like 14. but all of a sudden, they question if she's a ho?? It's very sad, because she thinks that she will have a great life. she said the other day that she can go to nursing school after high school. hmm . . .but her mom and dad have put her out (she's now living with my friend/her sister), and she was never a great student to begin with and isn't currently going to school because her friends have abandoned her, and everyone at school calls her a "stank ho" . . .so naturally she's embarassed. when a young girl gets preggers, you just shake your head in disbelief.
ChanelLover ChanelLover 9 years
She needs pants... and I must say LL is jealous that her name isn't in the tabloids and teen pregnancy has taken its place!
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
Cute blouse!
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
That's one way for her to keep in the news when she's not doing anything except shopping & not wearing pants-comment that the current biggest celeb gossip story is no big deal.
macattack macattack 9 years
the fugliest person in and out in Hollywood along with Maggie Gyllenhaal.
SarahwithanH SarahwithanH 9 years
did she forget her pants at home? WTF is she wearing????
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
day care at prom? the thing is being a parent means being a grown up because someone else is depending on you. JUST YOU, for everything in their life. food, shelter, love, care, etc. it's all YOU. your needs are back burner because the baby comes first. for a high school student that means you don't get to fully apply yourself to your studies and there IS NO OTHER ACTIVITY BUT THE BABY. you don't spend money on makeup or clothes or have time to play on the net because you are broke (no education means living on welfare). think about it; you and your baby sailing off into the sunset on welfare cheese and cheap leaky diapers. sound dreamy? join the 1 in 5 club and see what a big deal reality is. it's irresponsible to have children you can't support emotionally, financially or time wise. these children of children are largely doomed to welfare themselves because of their poor start in life. in 16 years these babies will repeat the errors of their parents and continue the cycle. it's a very big deal and the fact that you can't see that speaks volumes. it's actually very sad. don't you and your friends want to go to college, travel, have careers, have hobbies, etc? you have the next 25 years to have a baby; there is no rush.
THoMaS_CRoWN THoMaS_CRoWN 9 years
Who the f*Ck is this b*itch dog? Stop wasting your time people!! She can`t act..!!!Why is she famous?
Rnicolew Rnicolew 9 years
You can do that when you don’t have cellulite.. I like it. Why all of a sudden is every fug a fashion critic?.. Beats me!
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