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Lindsay's Many Upcoming Projects

Lindsay's Many Upcoming Projects

First some music news. Miss Lindsay reports that her latest single, ... off her debut album is “Disconnected�. The video is set to be directed by Joseph Kahn. The concept will explore teenage drug use. Lindsay will portray a girl who gets involved in the wrong crowd leading to self destruction of drugs and deception. The clip was inspired by Erika Christensen’s character in “Traffic�. The shoot happening in late August around Los Angeles will show Lohan entering rehab without her consent and escaping to a life on the streets. The video shoot will work around Lindsay’s preparation for Factory Girl. A film based on Edie Sedgwick.

OK so was that movie news also? Who knew she was involved in Factory Girl? This movie is currently with Sienna Miller who almost lost the part to Katie Holmes, but never once did I hear about Lindsay in it. Not even as a supporting character like Gwen Stefani. Maybe she is taking a small role since she is trying to get away from the Disney audience and this movie is definitely not going to be for the kiddies.

And for some fashion news, Linds looks totally bored in these photo shoot pics. I have no idea what they are for but I'm sure we'll see them again somewhere in print.

And finally, we're happy to see her Mattel Barbie doll as a redhead like the good old days. She will be debuting the doll with a straight to home video animated movie which will surely be a hit with the young ones.

More pics so read more

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