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Lindsay's Miraculous Recovery

Lindsay's Miraculous Recovery

After appearing on Z100 bright and early this morning, she canceled on Regis and Kelly due to food poisoning. Yet somehow she is all better now and back on TV just in time for TRL.

Hmm, makes you wonder what kind of illness LL had. Maybe it was a tiny tummy ache that was blown out of proportion. Maybe she just needed a serious nap in between appearances. Maybe it was a traffic jam and for some reason the producers at Regis and Kelly made it sound worse so it would be OK for their top talent to bail last minute. From what I have watched so far on TRL, she has not said why she missed this mornings appearance on R&K. I really hope someone would clear the air for me since I am totally confused. Thanks to txgirlie for the heads up.

btw, TRL is still on so you can tune into it now and hear revealing things like the song about love letters have something to do with Wilmer.

And here are the images of LL on TRL:

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