It must be hard to have to manage your teenage daughters career and very active social life. Dina has been Lindsay's party buddy/chaperone for some time now, but apparently she is get sick of LL's partying ways. Page Six reports:

DINA Lohan is having trouble keeping up with her out-every-night daughter. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan and her mom-manager were fighting like cats and dogs over Lindsay's partying at the after-show dinner at Bette for Karl Lagerfeld's new fashion line. "Dina was very open about it," a source shared. "She's getting tired of sitting at Bungalow 8 until 5 in the morning." Lohan's rep denied there was a fight: "Whoever told you this is someone who is trying to stir the pot."

I love that she stays up with her until 5 am. That is so wrong on so many levels yet someone has to keep an eye on Lindsay so she doesn't end up on the cover of Daily Mirror doing a Kate Moss or ending up back in the hospital for a third time already this year. Look like Dina should become a little stricter.

Looks like LL has changed her signature peace sign to a loving kiss. Someone's in a good mood these days.