Lindsay has a new man and it looks like she has good friend Kate Moss to thank. In fact, the 20 year old model-musician James Burke used to date Moss and they recently enjoyed some time skiing together. Now it looks like James and Lindsay are together. I think it's better that LL is dating someone close to her age.

In other LL news, she was on TRL yesterday and she looked a little annoyed to be there. Jossip reports there was some backstage drama. Apparently LL and TRL host Vanessa Minnillo are not very friendly and Lohan's publicist demanded Damian do the interview instead but he was already committed elsewhere. The result was an awkward interview where the girls were a little catty at times.

Oh yeah and congrats to Perez and Trent who LL gave shout outs to during the show. Trent was in the audience and she went over to say Hi and plug him. That was pretty damn cool. Watch the clip below. It's a little long but you can see the tension between the ladies and a few eye rolls so it keeps you entertained.

(UPDATE: It looks like You Tube is having issues today so keep coming back to see when the clip is back up and running - sorry)

There is also a NY Times article about Ms Lohan and her attempt to graduate to adults films. They write about her talent and being in movies with some of the greatest like Meryl Streep but she is one of those actors being haunted be her image off screen. The even compare her to Tom Cruise - ouch.