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Lindsay Wears Out Her Stylist

Lindsay Lohan has worn out her latest stylist. She flew out Nate Newell to help her look fabulous but the poor guy couldn't keep up with the youngin. Page Six reports:

"Lindsay flew Nate out and said it would only be for a couple days," our source said. "She flew him out, put him up, paid for everything, and they had the best time . . . at first. But then Lindsay decided to stay. Nate couldn't take her constant partying. He didn't have the money to fly home, so concerned friends chipped in to buy him an immediate ticket out of there."

As usual, her publicist denied the story and said that Nate simply had to return home since he had another gig. I hope he had nothing to do with her style the other day at the store. She looks like she is in pajamas...and what's with the scarf around her ankle. Is she starting a new trend like the lame Paris Hilton half glove look? LL looks to be picking up some essentials including some whipped cream. I wonder what she was cooking up.

To see why the poor guy was so run down, take a look at her busy schedule last week read more

More from Page Six:

In just seven days, Lohan got into several verbal spats with Paris Hilton over their mutual boy toy, Stavros Niarchos, was seen at Bungalow 8 almost every night, had a dance-off at P.M., partied at Marquee, deejayed in the street for a Gap event, was kicked out of the SoHo House and got into a fight with Sean Combs at Butter - where she also threw glasses at owner Richie Akiva, according to our spies.

She also went to Kate Moss' baby daddy Jefferson Hack's birthday party at fashionista Genevieve Jones' SoHo apartment, where she seemed to quaff her share of Palmes d'Or champagne.

The late nights and the loss of her friend Newell must have gotten to Lohan. Thursday night, the freckled redhead was spotted on a sofa in the Hotel Gansevoort lobby sobbing before she headed down to the hotel's G-Spa club. That was the last Lohan sighting before she left to go back to L.A.


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