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Lindsay vs Paris - Still Going

Lindsay Lohan was with her latest boyfriend Harry Morton at the same party as Paris and her entourage. Once again when these two girls are mentioned in the same sentence so are the rumors of immature girls acting like they are still in high school. Page Six reports:

"Paris was hanging out with Brandon Davis, her sister Nicky and Bijou Phillips," reports our spy. "She made it a point to whisper and laugh very loudly the entire time, snickering behind Lindsay's back." Lohan, who battled bullies in her movie "Mean Girls," retreated with Morton to a back bedroom where they couldn't hear Hilton's malevolent cackle. Later that afternoon, as Hilton strutted past Lohan's corner, one of Morton's friends jumped up and faked a kick to her bony backside when she wasn't looking.

Apparently Paris is now kissing Brandon Davis and still using the word firecrotch regularly in her vocabulary. How classy.

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