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Link Time - VMA Style!!!

  • A trannie, a cancer patient and a tampon walk into the VMAs... - Mollygood
  • Axl Rose & Tommy Hilfiger Make Nice, Courtesy VMA After Party - Jossip
  • Check out the bling at the VMAs - FabSugar
  • Beyonce: Bigger and Badder - Just Jared
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  • Brooke Hogan is Daddy's Little Stripper - Hollywood Rag
  • Jessica Simpson Wins a Car at the VMAs - A Socialite's Life
  • Mariah was a no-show to the VMAs - Pink is the New Blog
  • Because we missed Jessica Alba at the VMAs, here she is in her best bikinis - CityRag
  • Lovely ladies at the VMAs - Egotastic
  • Did you hear? The VMAs were last night - IDLYITW
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  • Who looked like a wreck, part 3 - D-Listed
Fab-girl Fab-girl 11 years
Coco in a certain South American language means poo. Caca. Excrement. Crap. Nuff said.
dovima dovima 11 years
coco looks exactly like someone named coco, real is amazing how big girls get implants...WTF was she thinking?
dovima dovima 11 years
i liked the OK GO tredmill thing it was cool but the song kinda reminded me of the HIVES meeting NSYNC lol
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
No, Blondie - I thought the treadmills routine was awesome! Karma - check it out on YouTube its the Ok Gos.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
LOL Pammie.. I didn't see tredmills, that sounds pretty gay.. I thought Christina Aguilera did a good job!
blOndiE7 blOndiE7 11 years
I thought the treadmill thing was cool... lol am i the only one??
Pammie8 Pammie8 11 years
I think Beyonces VMA preformance sucked! If you need all that crap to distract everyone from he fact that you can't sing then wrap it up!The whole thing was over the top and annoying. Also what the hell was up with those random fool's on treadmills? All I could think of is "Hello none of this crap is real music" (and as always no offense to those who like that genre of music JMO)
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
Haha, blondie pretty much summed up VMA fashion :P
blOndiE7 blOndiE7 11 years
I cannot believe paris wore that!! omg!! that's so hideous..and J.lo looked awful..and I have no words for Jessica!!
eye173candy eye173candy 11 years
What is Paris Hilton doing with her life? Bitch please- If I wanted to look at goose feathers I'd go to the farm. Live Much.Laugh Often.Love Always ♥
lolu lolu 11 years
sarahlynn sarahlynn 11 years
pafraigin...if ur curios about where cocos nipple is...if u really wanna find out...check out page
Glammarama Glammarama 11 years
WOW...we know who we need to call to go tuna fishing now! ICE - T's woman! We could catch a whole school of fish in that top.
Padraigin Padraigin 11 years
Where are Coco's nipples? Seriously, they're kinda low, no?
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
Does Chestica look weird lately? I can't figure out what it is exactly but shes been looking odd in the last few sets of pics I've seen of her.. And it does look like she had her lips pumped up again.. after admitting doing it in the past and saying shes never doing it again, DOH! Brooke Hogan wtf? If I wore something like that in front of my dad I'd give him a heart attack. NassssssssssTY.
TiKiBoo TiKiBoo 11 years
I think Ice-T and CoCo look pretty tame.
Fab-girl Fab-girl 11 years
WTH happened to herpesitic Paris? She looks even more hideous than her norm.
Fab-girl Fab-girl 11 years
Even if the camera shows Chestica from a frontal algle, she still has stubby legs. Just look at shots from that crappy movie she made recently. They are super short, not pretty at all. She is reminding me of Mariah, who is dressing too young for her age. Jessica is not as young as she dresses anymore. I used to wear dresses that short when I was a teen.
audreystar audreystar 11 years
marc anthony is dictating what she wears. he seems very possessive. and like i said before it won't be a hot minute before she is in a burka.
Fab-girl Fab-girl 11 years
Oh, ok, it was Mollygood. I like balsy chicks!
Fab-girl Fab-girl 11 years
I just noticed POP described J-Lo as cancer patient, like me too. Sorry it offends some of you, but blame it on J-lo. She is the one who started it.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
looks more like a couple trannies than a tranny to mee!
Notafan Notafan 11 years
OK...does Paris not own a mirror?? She's wearing Bjork's swan dress with the head and neck ripped off, Something About Mary's hair and she's blowing herpes all over the place and thinks she looks good?? WTF? Does having a wonky eye make you blind to your own fugginess??
WisCaliGirl WisCaliGirl 11 years
Thank You Mollygood! I just spit Star$'s designer coffee all over my monitor!
foo_mf_foo foo_mf_foo 11 years
YES!!!! the mollygood headline was classic!!!! and is that ice t's wife? it looks like a man!!!
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