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Tiinnaaaa Tiinnaaaa 10 years
lol whatever chick.. as much as u hate her u have to admit she has a good voice..
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
Oh I loved Jude in the The Talented Mr.Ripley. He was smoking hot! Does anyone remember him as the gay boyfriend to Kevin Spacey in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? But Alfie left a bad taste in my mouth and screwing the nanny didn't help. He needs to clean up his act, dump Sienna once and for all and then make a come back.
yayita yayita 10 years
Jude and Sienna are runing their careers, people are starting to hate them so much
yayita yayita 10 years
LOve mariah, shes crazy but does her thing
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
Jude and sienna are sooo boring and pathetic. Mariah as en excellent voice, so it makes up for her dress sense. Jessica looks amazing even with photoshop, everyone has photoshop done before pics are published. Kate is looking really fug lately, she looks like she's gonna collapse any day.
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 10 years
we all know Justin and the other Backstreet boys secretly made fun of Lance for coming out....Mariah is FUGLY, someone please SLAP this womans face, stop wearing these nasty clothes that dont go with your body or age...Nataile(where do i begin)just go away please...Jessica looks amazing...i love the shoes and purse.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
JT and that other dude look like they're saying "yaaaaaaaah"., (me being turned off...course freddie never 'really' turned me on anyway..), and mariah is a mess as what happened to her!
team_aspartame team_aspartame 10 years
when is mariah gonna stop making fool of herself! kate bosworth way too overrated! She used to have a hot bod now she is a bagobones. christina millian who? lol. I cant say anything about natalie portman because she is beautiful! Jude Law ... cheater! Keanu; I heart u! Britney ... oh lalala
Adriana42 Adriana42 10 years
If you photoshopped Rosie O'Donnel as much as Jessica Simpson even she'd look like a sex goddess.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
mariah, stay the f--- home if you're going to dress like a 12 year old size 2 curve-free girl that you are not.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
Jude does nothing for me in any movie. He's just there to annoy and get on my nerves.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 10 years
LOL cali I hated Jude until I saw Cold Mountain.. he was really good in that. Chestica needs to fall in a manhole.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Lol @ Caligirl with regard to Kate Bosworth. Glad you agree about Mariah.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
I still love Mariah and she can wear that if she wants to even though it's ugly. Why didn't the whole group of N'Stink come out of the closet with Lance? Kate Bosworth ate bread because it was windy in California yesterday and she needed something to keep her on the ground. Maybe the Japanese will keep Paris-ite and her Herpes over there. Jude and Sienna are so C-list I can't be bothered to care about their relationship.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
The old pictures of Britney are just too depressing. F-Kud has just ruined her...who knew he had just a terrible side effect.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Seriously...people should just leave Mariah alone...she was subjected to years of fizzy hair with no product and cut off jean shorts...has she been allowed to dress the way she wanted during her marriage with Tommy Motolla she would have got this kind off dress out of her system by now.
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Are you using Monkey as a derogatory term? Hmph.
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 10 years
1. I like Christina M. but I don't really care for Kristen B. 2. They make ALL celebs look perfect with photo shop SO get off jessica's back she still is pretty without make-up 3. Natalie will play a good prostitute not that she acts like one but that she is such a good actress..I luv her 4. Mariah= Monkey
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Yeck. I know a lot more about Sienna Miller now than I ever wanted to.
mar mar 10 years
I love Mariah too, she has enough talent to back up her poor clothing choices.She is an example of a strong woman that does her own thing.
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
There's nothing worse than an old hooker who won't quit walking the streets.
SailorMarie SailorMarie 10 years
I love Mariah and think she is a hell of a singer, her outfits make me a little crazy, but I still have a ton of her songs on my mini...
karmasabitch karmasabitch 10 years
Unnatural=photoshopped to hell :D
sheetal215 sheetal215 10 years
I love mariah, dont care whaaaaaat you all have to saaaaaay
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