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Link Time!!!

  • Nothing like a little Ryan Phillippe to help get us through the day- Pink is the New Blog
  • Showtime gets very clever with the Weeds ads - Can't wait for this show to return- Jossip
  • White Sunglasses Guy Still Wearing White Sunglasses - A Socialite's Life
  • Christina Milian’s Smile Melts MTV’s TRL - Hollywood Tuna
  • Joe Simpson Really, Really Loves His Daughters - IDLYITW
  • Cassie is cute but can she sing? - Hollywood Rag
  • Hot Trend Alert: Man Guts! - CityRag
  • Brooke Hogan looks like an ass with those grills - Mollygood
  • Brody's Beach Romp - Just Jared
  • Lindsay still can't exit a car gracefully- Egotastic
  • Fishsticks is so African - D-Listed
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
awww...thank you girl...i had 20 msg's in my guestbook, its nice to know i was thought about! thats why i love you girls so much its like my extended family!
JennaV JennaV 11 years
Glad you got to relax:) You were def missed around here.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
hey jenna my long lost lover! it was nice im so relaxed and ready for the terrible twosome! hehehe goodness i missed you girls so much more than the gossip. im addicted to you ladies! hehehehe
JennaV JennaV 11 years was your vacay, honeychild:)
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
i love me a pic of mr. witherspoon! j/k i mean ryan ya'll know i lurve ryan phillippe! (SP?)
BKNYGal BKNYGal 11 years
1. Cassie can't sing..and I'm disappointed. But neither can Britney, LL and Paris. Big suprise there. 2. Ryan..HOTTIE..nuff said. 3. Gwyneth..that ad sux. Why couldn't it say "we are all human"..then I could understand. Take the beads and paint off and just look normal. I find it so sad that AMERICA chooses to keep our soldiers in Iraq to help protect the people from rebels (terrorists), yet in Uganda, they have rebels destroying everything and kidnapping children to use as sex slaves and soldiers. I don't see America running over there to help out. Oh wait..they don't have oil for us..figures. The U.S. just steals from Africa. Can you say Hypocritical country? Sorry had to vent.. Yeah, pimp daddy simpson..disgusting
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
LOL, I remember snorting too. Of course, that's all I remember. This could be terminal.
justlikehoney justlikehoney 11 years
i think it was avril, b/c i remember snorting in disbelief at it, lol
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
My Lucky magazine (I think) had another one of these ads with a total whitey white person. I wish I could remember who. Anybody else see it?
Luna13 Luna13 11 years
That pic of papa joe looking at ashlee's boobs totally grosess me out!! I seriously wanna throw up! Maybe he was molesting them as they were growing up??!!
justlikehoney justlikehoney 11 years
p.s. like everyone else, i get what theyre trying to do, its just *very* poorly executed.
justlikehoney justlikehoney 11 years
gwenyth is practically nubian here. wow. when i think africa, her image readily springs to mind. good god. what were they thinking? shes like the whitest, most pampered individual i can think of. plus, whats with that accent of hers? where is she from, europia?
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
there seems to be no end to pimp daddy joe's unacceptable behavouir. Why the hell is he helping his daugther into her first bra...seriously WHERE THE HELL IS THE MOTHER AND WHY IS SHE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT HIM.???? all these questions need to be answered.
Pinkperfectpixie Pinkperfectpixie 11 years
"Moose Turds" Padraigin? I LOVE IT!!! Too dayum funny!
Padraigin Padraigin 11 years
strawberry - THAT is my point. The AD campaign sucks moose turds, the charity is a good solid charity.
strawberrysundae strawberrysundae 11 years
I really think it's great that Gwyneth is bringing awareness to this issue, but whoever came up with the advertisement is a complete cheeseball.
JennaV JennaV 11 years
FB....I actually think Christina is too good for that song. In my opinion.
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 11 years
ahhh...didn't know that, FB! Hmmm.... That song grates on my nerves, though.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
Yeah, but Christina was an even bigger idiot for passing on the S.O.S. song. Apparently, she was supposed to sing that song, but said no, and it was offered to Rihanna. Bet she's kicking herself for that one!
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 11 years
I see Christina Milian got my memo on bras. She's too cute for words. She and Rachel Bilson are my favorite cuties. Nick Cannon was an idiot a**hole for cheating on Christina. I'd like to see what busted-up sl*ts he prefered over her.
Padraigin Padraigin 11 years
Oh for crying out loud, lighten up. It's actually a REALLY bad ad campaign. She's NOT African, she's a lily white American, she doesn't stand for Africa and frankly, it's a little insulting. It's nice that she's lending her name and face to a cause, but the campaign is actually a bad one and deserves mocking. I keep reading people saying "oh, this place is where we make fun of celebrities..." There should be a disclaimer: "unless we like the celebrity, in which case everyone who makes fun of him/her/it is an evil person."
Isabella-Welling Isabella-Welling 11 years
imo,ryan doesn't lk as hot as he usually does in this pic. joe simpson-still freaky as hell brooke hogan-haven't heard her sing,but she lks like an idiot in this pic gwenyth-pretty pic,glad she's helping out a good cause cassie-omg-her voice is absolutley terribly any other adj. u can think of that stands 4 horrible! lance&matthew-great bodies,but mm really need 2 shave!!
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
Actually Jinx, I think she's getting shit on because she's not African. that's the very strong vibe I'm getting...not so much because Angelina has covered it all.
Jinx Jinx 11 years
Gwyneth's picture is from a Keep A Child Alive advertising campaign that is set up to fight AIDS in Africa. I'm not a huge Gwyneth fan, although I have said I gained some respect for her after seeing a couple interviews. So that said, this thread pisses me right off. She lends her time and face to a cause and gets shit on for it because she's not Angelina. f I was a celebrity, I wouldn't try to do anything, because according to so many people on here, Angie's got it all covered. I like, or should say liked Angelina at one time, but it was garbage like this that ruined it for me. I'm sorry for the rant, but this just isn't right.
mle983 mle983 11 years
i always think adrian brody's nips are too close together. that--and his gf is bigger than him.
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