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Link Time!!!

krisua krisua 10 years
Denise is funny, and in good shape.
soulight soulight 10 years
I didn't watch the interview that night, but I saw a highlight on the Today show or something, and Larry King asked Paris about her favorite Bible passage, and she looked so stunned that he would ask that. I got so embarrassed for her I almost changed the channel, but then I got curious to see what she would say. She gave the cop out answer of "I can't pick a favorite." *lol* I wouldn't be able to either if I hadn't read it either, just toted it around for looks! :-D You would think she would just pick one just in case someone asked her that very question!
braelynn braelynn 10 years
crack-head whore(:pepino:)
dmblauren dmblauren 10 years
eh, she probably doesn't think of pot as a drug or something like that.
krhone krhone 10 years
"it's like comparing curds and camembert" haha. that was good, nya!
tooq2love tooq2love 10 years
:rotfl: everytime she opens that lip gloss mouth...go anderson!
Oh-yes, lest me forget. Anderson Cooper rocks!
A lot of people don't feel they are lying when asked if they do drugs and say no, because they only smoke pot. It's a natural herb put here by your God. Way more natural than alcohol, which people do not consider a drug when asked the same question.
Ginger Ginger 10 years
ANd this tape of Anderson cuts off too early. It was a few seconds later when he commented that it wasn't like she suddenly got smart. I hope she knows that not everyone bought her act. Larry King was more like the pre-game show for Anderson's show. It would have been really fun to see Anderson interview Paris, but she would never accept it because he wouldn't go as easy as Larry did. And I don't think Anderson has the patience to endure an interview with her. As for jealousy, Anderson comes from old money. The Hilton's are only about three generations of wealth, which makes them nouveau riche, or kind of trashy by old money standards.
Ginger Ginger 10 years
The fact that she uses grass isn't really the issue. It's that she so easily lied about it. But she better be cafeful until March 2009 because if a policeman spots her and decides to pursue it, she would be in violation of her parole and subject to more jail time.
Marijuana does far less harm to the user's body and those around them, than alcohol. They got the legalization status mixed up with these two.
poetess poetess 10 years
Maybe Paris can blame those druggie pictures on her look-alike, Natalie.
poetess poetess 10 years
I feel bad for a real journalist, such as Anderson Cooper, who has to be subjected to speaking about Paris Hilton due to his network's ratings ploy. I believe that he was forced to do so for that entire hour (?) during his show.
tiabia tiabia 10 years
I actually "met" Anderson Cooper at a play a few years ago. He is even more handsome in person. I always thought he was cute, but my crush doubled because he was so nice.
iMac-addict iMac-addict 10 years
I saw it last night and I coudl not stop laughing. Anderson does not like her, neverhas and you know he was forced to cover it! But he sure made up for it, his coments were priceless...and the roll of the eyes.
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
more proof of what a liar she is. why wouldnt she admit to doing drugs in the past?
tati33 tati33 10 years said it right tiabia... nyara - you're right.. all the hot guys are gay...something about anderson's white hair is just hot! :ROTFL: anyway, have you ever seen these bags.. I should get one and tote it around..because ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE GAY!
msshellokitty msshellokitty 10 years
Everyone knows Paris has done except Paris.There are numerous pics of her smoking weed and a youtube video of her singing aout coke.She was just lying on Larry King to save face but it didn't work.
sofico sofico 10 years
Anderson's a badass! Larry King's cute...I think he's good! they both have different styles... Yikes....David Beckham...and all his metrosexuality!!! It's like...I thought Ricky Martin was hot, but then he also started with that stuff that made him unattractive
cashmere80 cashmere80 10 years
Maybe Paris thinks there's a differnce in "inhaling" "snorting" and "taking" drugs!!!
sofico sofico 10 years
who's Jesse McCartney?
sofico sofico 10 years
Burke and Dennis have excellent bodies (I'm jealous!!) Jenny McCarthy's son is so cute!
sofico sofico 10 years
man!!! I wrote a testament!
sofico sofico 10 years
Actually, I read all the links! yeah!! Mello: I'm not surprised at all that Paris lied. I haven't watched the interview, nor have read the transcripts or whatever (I'm going to after the Argentina v. USA soccer match). I just watched the Anderson Cooper Thing on Youtube, and from what I've read Larry King was to soft to Paris, and I saw that Anderson has very harsh comments on her and when he interviewed King, he said that Paris contradicted herself by not accepting that she did something wrong..and that the sentence was cruel...and all the stuff. I wish Anderson would have done the interview (besides the interview was taped...not live) ...No I what I wish is that CNN and all the channels ignore would have ignored Paris, because I think that bitch does not care what people think of her as long as everybody keeps talking of if people start ignoring her, she'll just go away....but I think, people will still be talking about her even to trash her... and she'll make money out of it... The press is doing the same thing by giving her interviews like this ( even me, because I'm commenting on her), so people will keep on caring for what happens to her even if we dislike her. I think she thinks people are dumb enough to think that she's changed. A person who really changes accepts what they did wrong, and it's not doing any interview they can to say "I'm a new person or, I'm going to make good thing from now on"...just she had to start changing by just shutting her mouth and not going to every program she can to proclaim it!!! that is just publicity!!! I don't think that it's heartfelt..that's calculated
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 10 years
The twins fighting over a guy........rawr! oh and the Paris thing, everyone knew.
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