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Link Time!!!

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Pepper Pepper 9 years
I like Harry better than William, he's naughtier.
Shells7373 Shells7373 9 years
Harry is way hotter than William and not just becuase of this picture.
Hootie Hootie 9 years
WOW, Harry is a sexy beast!
blondie3 blondie3 9 years
Harry is a little hottie. How did Rumor get soo famous?
hills hills 9 years
Prince Harry looks good. what is he doing that for tho?!
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 9 years
OH MY --- Prince HARRY! YUMMMMMM! lol Ok what in the world is RUMER doing????
holls holls 9 years
Wow Harry is just plain HOT! lol! I've thought as the boys have gotten older that Harry is definetly more attractive. All I have to say is eww to that pic of Rumer. WTF?!?!
chatty-smiles chatty-smiles 9 years
Dont think Diana would have thought that was done in good taste..
JoyDivision JoyDivision 9 years
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
Harry's looking pretty good. Of course Dina Lohan has a boozy boyfriend. This is the Lohan family after all. LOL at Paris: "The rash is from my sheets!" :ROTFL: at the Rumer pic.
nikkih nikkih 9 years
Wow, Henry is soooo Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
evermore evermore 9 years
I didn't realise Rummer was that skinny, always thought she had a bit of extra meat on her. Regardless she's getting movie roles now, i guess mummy and daddy paying for her to get a chin implant worked.
alexlove alexlove 9 years
well, well, well harry. what a pleasant surprise... lol, he reminds me of ron weasley... OMG, david wearing a jays jersey!! go toronto!!
demeter demeter 9 years
Harry is so hot! OMG! And Rumer is going to be the next Linds/Paris/Britney/Nicole, etc. Yuck! And why are they making another Scary Movie movie?! Enough is enough.
camie28 camie28 9 years
wow that picture if harry just made my day he is hot!! even tho i know that picture is not real.. ive always like him better than williams for some reason i would choose him anyday even if i cant be the queen hehe..
Bamma-Patrol Bamma-Patrol 9 years
A few years back, I wouldn't have ever, ever guessed that Harry would turn out to be such a hottie! My lord! I usually don't care for ginger guys, but damn... Rumor is beyond fug...she's almost as horrible looking as Tori Spelling, and that's a fug that's impossible to top!
Lovaajn Lovaajn 9 years
rumer and her jaw take a picture. fun. the dunce cap kind-of minimizes the size of her jaw, so that's good....
vireland vireland 9 years
Harry is so HOT!
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
And also, ARod + David Beckham = My Fantasy ;)
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
Paris Hilton's rash is actually from her being a h*e-bag and sleeping with everyone in Hollywood, not from her dirty jail sheets.
chasingdragon chasingdragon 9 years
holy hell when did harry become the hottest little royal on earth....
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 9 years
I was a little shocked that Harry did that cover until I realized that it wasnt real. Still....that kid is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE.
Mainly-Obsessed Mainly-Obsessed 9 years
I mean it's obvie photoshopped, but i like the concept
Mainly-Obsessed Mainly-Obsessed 9 years
harry! ha that made my day
kerri kerri 9 years
oh harry harry harry. so nice.
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