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Lohan Keeps Clean

Reports are in that LL is definitely staying off the sauce. And you could actually see it in her face at the D&G Benefit party. Check her out later with her bottle of Voss. We're happy to hear that LL seems to be taking AA seriously. This could mean no more strange email rants or paranoid behavior. She may be still going out but evidently she now orders her Coke without the Jack. TMZ reports:

X17 Online

The teen queen was spied by TMZ Monday night in Margaritaville; Casa Vega in the L.A. suburb of Sherman Oaks, where Lohan sipped on cola during the evening while her entourage pounded down strawberry margaritas. She ate most of her two taco meal, and was polite to patrons who approached her. Her only bad habit: smoking. One vice at a time.

[TMZ] caught up with Lindsay Wednesday night, leaving a salon and looking every inch the movie star in a grey trench coat and black heels. She then got all dolled up and went to Teddy's nightclub, where she dumped the coat and entered the Roosevelt Hotel. Keep up the good work, Linds!

One day soon we hope to see LL wearing her own AA chip instead of someone else's. Besides she can have fun doing so many other things in life like dressing up. Btw, is it me or do the lips look more plump?

Join The Conversation
AshleyMay84 AshleyMay84 9 years
i cant stand hohan.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Ewww what is happening to her face? She looks like a :@)
lillie lillie 10 years
Thank God for LL's new behaviour. I'm so glad that even though there are so many people drinking alcohol that she's sticking to her non-alcoholic beverages. Wow, I'm impressed. She looks much better and I agree her lips are much more plumper! I just hope she stops smoking, but way to go Linds!!!
stone_soup stone_soup 10 years
Looks like she just got out of bed! ______________________________________________ I must say, adolescence is one hell of a ride!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
She hasn't had a drink in at least a week because she looks about 50 lbs lighter than she was last week with her disgusting total body beer bloat.
vmruby vmruby 10 years
WTF is that girl wearing??? It looks like a real ugly piece of luggage........ YUCK!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
She doesn't look so good here, maybe she needs a drink. ~Procrastinate Now! Don't Put It Off~ (Ellen)
teddybear teddybear 10 years
I can't get passed the orange skin.
ladyaudrey ladyaudrey 10 years
I agree with JessNess. If your wearing a dress that give your boobs a chin, there's a problem! Also, it doesn't help that her face is so shiny you could see your reflection in it. Then again, I much rather look at my own reflection that look at Lindsey Lohan, so maybe that's a plus???
DulceSkye DulceSkye 10 years
She looks awful. Bloated, aged, tired. She can pile on all the designer dresses and jewelry she wants, it still doesn't hide that she is destroying herself.
sashak sashak 10 years
she is just a wlking talking disaster. she needs to go live on a farm or kibbutz (sp?) or something & be forced to acctually be a productive member or society
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 10 years
her lips look she tried to make themlook fuller by smearing gloss all over...
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 10 years
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
If this is what she looks like sober, get her ten drinks pronto!
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
I liked her outfit at the D&G event, but this one shows off her cleavage. Me no likey. I kinda feel sorry for her... who let her go out wearing that and looking like that with streaky fake bake?! Gosh.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
lol @ drywallgirl
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 10 years
I agree Sashak, she has to be drunk to come outside wearing that outfit.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
well, one step at a time. i'm glad that she's attempting to work with her alcohol problem. i actually like her outfit here.
sashak sashak 10 years
I don't believe for one second that she is clean. just b/c she isn't drinking at this very second doesn't mean that she has given up pharmies or coke
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Lindsay looks like she has put on weight. She looks better with weight on. I hope she does stop her drinking, and doing drugs.
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 10 years
Hey Jenna! Luv your tooting airplane, lol.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Yikes! She looks terrible! She looks she put on some cheap self tanner.
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 10 years
Wtf is she wearing??? Her face looks repulsive in that first pic.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
And here people, we have a not-to-do! ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
:ROTFL: @ JessNess's comment!
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