As we announced yesterday, Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into a rehab facility. Details are just now starting to emerge about her last pre-rehab nights out on the town. The NY Daily News is saying that Lohan, who had only been seen drinking water for the past few weeks, was out drinking Red Bull and Vodkas while on Percocet only days after her appendix surgery. While, Page Six is reporting that Lohan was found passed out in the hotel hallway at 6AM after Princes' Golden Globes after party. Been there, right? Nevermind. Hopefully no one added insult to rock bottom injury by drawing male genitalia on her face. But what, pray tell, will become of the movie she is currently filming? People has that covered:

X17 Online

Lohan, 20, has been filming the thriller I Know Who Killed Me, and a rep for the movie tells PEOPLE production had already been on hold due to Lohan's recent appendix surgery. It's uncertain when filming will resume.

"I Know Who Killed Me, like all films, has insurance," says the rep. "In Lindsay's case, she has a good 13-hour work day. The character she plays requires a good deal of physicality and she's not yet healed (from her surgery) and not yet ready to return."

Of course we'll keep you updated as the full story comes together, because we all know it's only a matter of time before this "appendicitis" story unravels completely.

UPDATE: While we really, honestly wish Lindsay the best in her attempts to get well, we couldn't help but notice her sly use of the word "Proactive" when describing her decision to enter rehab. Perhaps she was slipping in a plug for the similarly named acne solution for which she shills? Well, it got us thinking...could she be used as the spokesperson for her newest proactive venture as well?

Check out our video. It's meant to be all in good fun. Rest up and get well, Lindsay, we (and the paparazzi) miss you already.