Lindsay Lohan's early Saturday morning (oor late Friday night) DUI/possible coke possession trouble certainly didn't stop her from going out hard on Sunday night. The starlet was seen passed out mouth agape in a car with Samantha Ronson, who was also with LL during the accident, before stumbling as she walked into a Memorial Day party at the Roosevelt hotel. Not looking so hot. You'd think that an arrest would slow her down, but no. It did, however, put a screeching halt on part of her 21st Birthday plans. Svedka Vodka has pulled out as sponsor of her Vegas fete.

Hopefully she wouldn't want all that booze anyway -- InTouch Weekly is reporting that Lohan is on her way back to rehab, this time opting for Britney's center of choice, Promises in Malibu. Despite a source saying she is going of her own volition, it doesn't seem like Linds thinks she belongs in rehab. Unfortunately, I don't think she has the healthy influences she needs to help make decisions these days. Hopefully she'll find a way to rein it in before someone gets even more hurt.

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