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adrianna52 adrianna52 10 years
Charlize is breathtaking ! flawless her dress is gorgeous her eyes are stunning
adrianna52 adrianna52 10 years
Charlize is stunning !! the goddess of that night and with the most gorgeous dress
Jessamyn Jessamyn 10 years
I'm not a fan of the fake-Hollywood-tan but not a fan of Dita being that pale either!
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
I really don't get the appeal of Dita at all.
roor roor 10 years
charlize always has gr8 makeup. she's married to the dior brand i think, always at the shows. I'm glad too, that the real supermodels were there. all the others are just plain models nothing S-U-P-E-R about them.
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 10 years
sad thing is, i'm probably as pale as dita. :|
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 10 years
loved sofia's look. ellen's is pretty too. but i think i am sick of anna's hairstyle- i know its probably her trademark but she could make it longer or play with some texture, color, or highlights!
ispyemo ispyemo 10 years
kate hudson looks hot.
msshellokitty msshellokitty 10 years
Kate,Charlize,and Dita all look gorgeous.
any any 10 years
oh my god!:S dita needs some color!:S
DCStar DCStar 10 years
Wow...Anna Wintour actually looks quite good here, she's not hiding in her hair as much as usual.
anony1111 anony1111 10 years
jessica looks like a bride here, not my favorite look from her. charlize isn't looking her best, hasn't seen her look drop dead gorgeous in awhile. dita has a beautiful dress on, but whats up with her skin color. its hard to believe that would be her natural skin color, its gotta be make-up. kate hudson has my pick for looking the most fabulous that night.
Celeb_Star Celeb_Star 10 years
i loved this show and i thought eva green looked great.
vireland vireland 10 years
Oh Kate is so adorable...yellow is her color. And I love Eva Green she wears couture so well and she doesn't care what anyone thinks! love it.
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 10 years
Dita isnt pale- she is like the color of white-out. She is so white that it looks like she is wearing white makeup all over her body!
Jillness Jillness 10 years
I love Linda! She is so beautiful and models so well. I really dislike Naomi, and would not support any campaign she was in. How many people does she have to assault? If she were a man, she would have done jail time. I love that Dita isn't afraid to be pale...I think it looks lovely (but the bright flash in that one picture makes it extreme). I think Kate looks freakin amazing, and Jessica looks great as well. Ever since I read Devil Wears Prada I can't take Anna seriously. I think the lie that you have to be a witch to get ahead as a woman is destructive to our gender.
tati33 tati33 10 years
Kate, Charlize, Jessica, Ellen - everyone looks really good - this would have been a fun event to attend
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 10 years
wow would you look at Dita , i thought she was a wax statue for a moment!lol
RandomHuman RandomHuman 10 years
Look alive, tweens, celebutantes, teenage wrecks, and rehab-headed, inexplicably trashy and panty-less Hollywood bores: Linda Evangelista...the fiercest, hottest, most ageless and most gorgeous, stunning fashion hangar EVER. The woman breathes fire and sh*ts glamour. And NO, she never got outta bed for under ten grand. So don't even ask. There's a reason she had designers and photographers from sea to shining sea panting after her for well over a decade (ask Mr. Galliano up there.) There's a very good reason for it. Take a good, long look at The Evangelista. And learn something, slobbos. Behold. And feel free to pray at her altar.
nigerienne nigerienne 10 years
Not particularly impressed.
Sica Sica 10 years
Kate Hudson looks fabulous on this yellow dress, just like on that movie..How to lose a guy in 10 days. I love her.
kapchis kapchis 10 years
Charlize looks AMAZING!!!!
Lseaton611 Lseaton611 10 years
Could Kate Hudson look bad once?Does she never have a off day?
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Yeeessh, Dita. Just bleeeeech. I'm not into Corpse Couture.
lawyerjenn lawyerjenn 10 years
This is all completely crazy and over the top. And HOLY :MOO: do I wish I was there. Versailles? Insane fashion? Beautiful people? Sounds like a really fun night. I love the old school "super models". No one will ever replace Linda or crazy Naomi. The only ones missing are Kate (who was apparently in hysterics due to Pete's cheating) and Cindy. Those two would have made this an absolute over the top fabulous show. And Kate, who in my mind has never really been a fashion icon, completely takes the prize for best looking guest. She looks AMAZING.
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