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MTV Movie Awards

Yes, I know I did not write about them earlier, but I was not very moved by the show. We already wrote about who won and posted plenty of pics, but I guess there are three other things to note.

1. The only cool thing about Tom and Katie's appearance was was how MTV so fabulously put together the Tom montage. That rocked and it reminded us of why we fell in love with him in the first place.... he makes damn good movies.

2. I was wondering why Lindsay was allowing the pseudo-Triumph the insult comic dog to mock her. She looked flirtatious and OK with the whole thing - and why, because her man Eminem was hiding behind the puppet and we know she loves Eminem. By the way, everyone wrote about Em dancing with porn-like puppets, but no one mentioned that he then sang a song about his baby daughter and had pics of her in the background. I though that was moving, thanks Em.

3. And finally, I saved the best for last. I thought the best kiss was totally hot. In case you missed it click here to see Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling get it on. They had genuine chemistry and I really enjoyed the act they put on for us. I think they looked like they wanted a room after that.

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