Madge won Best International Female tonight at the Brit Awards. The big question was if Guy was going to join her at the event. Apparently the couple came together but also left rather quickly.

The 3am girls report:

MADONNA dragged reluctant Guy Ritchie to last night's Brits - but left after 30 minutes to keep him happy.

The pop queen, 47 - keen on a united front amid fears for their marriage - dashed off with him after picking up a Best International Female gong.

Guy, 37, was initially unwilling to attend the showpiece event and had insisted on the quick getaway. But he looked miserable during their brief stay while she put on a forced smile.

A Brits source revealed: "Organisers were informed at the last minute that Guy would join his wife at the ceremony but they would spend no more time there than absolutely necessary. Even though she won one of the most important awards, it was pretty clear she was using the event to prove they're still together."

Guy and Madge, recovering after a hernia op last week, even sneaked in through a side door to avoid photographers.

They also reported she was still recovering from her surgery although it was "minor." It also appears as if she is still going ringless as if to make it a point that even when she is with Guy she does not necessarily wear her ring. I hope it's not true, but I do think there is trouble in paradise.