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Madonna Won't Jet off to Space

Madonna Won't Jet off to Space

Madonna won't make the short list of those heading into space. Apparently her request to secure a seat on a Russian flight to space has been rejected. She was hoping to go in 2008, but a Russian state member said no. She may be able to go in 2009. Here's more:

The lower house of Russian parliament has rejected a lawmaker's proposal to book Madonna a seat on a Russian flight to the international space station, news agencies reported Wednesday, a day after the singer's controversial concert in Moscow.

"Taking into account her good physical preparedness and financial capabilities, the dream of Louise Ciccone of a space flight could be realized in 2009," Panarin was quoted as saying. Like many Russians, he did not use the singer's first name, apparently sensitive to the Russian Orthodox Church's objections to her use of Christian symbols, especially crucifixion, in her shows.


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