Mandy Moore and DJ AM are really jumping right in to this relationship thing. Just a few weeks ago it seemed odd to see them together, and now they're one of our most frequently spotted couples. How fun! Right. Perhaps it's not just AM who is looking for a little good relationship publicity. In an interview with Jane Magazine, which obviously took place before meeting AM, Mandy talked about her dating plans, or lack thereof. Here's more:

“I’ve tried dating a bit, and I don’t like it. I know I should be putting myself out there. But I don’t really think it’s for me. That’s not to say I’m ready to jump back into a relationship any time soon. I’m definitely not looking. But it would be fun to have a crush.”

Whether or not she was looking for it, I think it's safe to say that she found herself a new relationship, and since she's known as a bit of a serial monogamist, I bet this one lasts for a while. I've forced myself to get used to it, have you?