Kirsten Dunst and the beautiful, barely looking almost 8 months pregnant, Sofia Coppola premiered their movie at the New York Film Festival. The duo spoke at a press conference to discuss the supposed boos at the Cannes Film Festival, the music selection, and how we didn't learn about Marie in school. However, apparently this film won't teach us much either. Here's more:

AP: Kirsten, what had you known about Marie?

Dunst: I'd learned what I learned in school. I never really had tried to take the time to look at a historical figure in a personal way before. When you're in school, you don't. You just memorize dates and wars.

Coppola: They don't teach us very much about foreign history in school.

Dunst: They don't. It was a small paragraph in my book, and then it was more about Napoleon and what happened after. Just like, OK, that was the queen that was beheaded.

AP: Did you have any reservations about playing an 18th century noblewoman?

Dunst: I knew the way Sofia would do it that I could do it. I knew it wasn't going to be a really self-serious film where we're going to teach people a lesson about French history, that it would be an introspective story of what she envisioned this woman's life to be like. So of course, it's a daunting thought, but I felt safe with Sofia. The reason I wanted to do it is Sofia's take on the whole thing made it very exciting.

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