Mary-Kate may be looking a little Salem Witch Hunt Era-esque with the all-black dress/hunched-over body* in these pictures, but that doesn't mean she's not happy on the inside. See, she's in New York with her boyfriend, rocker** Max Snow, to celebrate her faux-dad's DVD release. Happiness all around.

The party ended up being a bittersweet reunion, however, when Bob Saget learned that his father passed away earlier in the day. At least his favorite little Michelle Tanners were there to help celebrate his movie and be there for him during the hard time. And to laugh at his dirty jokes. And probably field any number of inappropriate comments--he's Bob Saget, after all.

* Yeah, people's posture wasn't very good waaaaay back in the day. Plus, there was no such thing as color, I'm sure of it.

** I'm not sure why I refer to him as such. Is he in a band even? Or just looks like he should be?