Last November, when Season 2 of Weeds finished, I wasn't sure that I had the mental capacity to wait until Season 3 to find out what happens. It's literally one of the best things to ever happen to TV (is that a glowing enough endorsement?) and the cliffhanger has been on my mind for the past 7 months. With this morning's news that Mary-Kate Olsen will be guest starring in Season 3 (!!!!!!!), I literally couldn't be more excited for Weeds to return August 13.

Yay! MK has a job! She will be playing Tara, a devout Christian high school student and Silas' new love interest. She is scheduled to appear in 10 of the Season's 15 episodes. So I presume this will be more of a speaking role than, say, her part in Factory Girl. Best. News. Ever.

There will be so much Olsen teeth. And presumably she will be dressed in normal teenage clothing! Obvie, this is amazing news. I'm so proud of little M-K. All growed up (and playing a 17-year-old)!