Matt and Matt are making the rounds promoting their new film We Are Marshall. Matthew Fox taped Letterman this week for an appearance to be aired on Friday's show. In the film, which is based on a true story, McConaughey plays a football coach who helps a town reunite after its college team is tragically killed in a plane crash. Fox plays McConaughey's assistant coach Red Dawson who chose not to get on the plane and as a result was racked with guilt about the tragedy. Here's more:

To get to know his character, Fox contacted Dawson and flew him to Hawaii to the set of "Lost" where he was working.

"He met all the people I work with there and charmed the pants off them," Fox says. "He's been carrying a pretty heavy burden for a very long time. We talked after he saw the movie and not only did he express how much he loves the movie, but he also went on to talk about how he feels different, he feels lighter, more optimistic."

It will be really cool to see Matthew off the island and in a different role. Hopefully it will be enough to tide us over until Lost comes on next year! For more pics just