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Matthew McConaughey's Record Label — Ridiculous or Awesome?

Matthew's Record Label — Ridiculous or Awesome?

Matthew McConaughey has been keeping busy lately with his acting, producing, and even voicing a beef commercial — not to mention taking care of his newborn son, Levi. Now Matthew apparently has another job title to add to his long resume: head of a record label. He's hoping to start his own music firm with the company's first signing, a reggae artist named Mishka. Beyond Matthew's bongo-loving, we don't know much about his musical taste, but do you think Matthew's record label idea is ridiculous or awesome?

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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that a lot of celebrities think that they can do the music thing - but that's really not the case. yes it allows a few people to have jobs since you know that MM isn't going to run the thing himself, but really - just let the folks who KNOW music create the label. ugh!
italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
definitely ridiculous
darlene darlene 8 years
He needs to stick to what he knows
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 8 years
what a joke
mariemjs mariemjs 8 years
Oh God why the all the hatred... Matthew has never hidden the fact he wanted to help young artists he liked into the music industry, if you check out his website, he actually has a whole concept about the "just keep living" thing, and Mishka is part of it. Hell, Mishka's music has been on the website FOREVER!! There is nothing new here!! I have to say, no matter how crappy were his most recent movies, I still think Matthew is a cool guy. He does exactly what he wants, doesn't really care about what people think of him and how they judge him, and have this whole surfer/I never wear tee shirts/I live on the beach thing, that seems to bother everyone, but honestly, who cares... As for the record label, if it allows young artists to become more known thanks to Matthew's help, well, I'm glad he's going for it. It's been his idea all along, nothing impulsive crazy here. Just give the guy a break... Geez...
KatherineE KatherineE 8 years
And why is he doing this? Just put your shirt on and stay at home with your kid.
lillovelygrl33 lillovelygrl33 8 years
Who's to say he doesn't know what he's doing? Nobody knows him personally so you can't mark it 'ridiculous'. I say good for him for exploring a new venture and helping artists get the recognition they deserve!
rpenner rpenner 8 years
This is very random, and I'm not a fan of these celebrities trying to do everything under the sun, but I have heard Mishka's music and I really enjoy it. He's fabulous. So perhaps Matthew does have good taste in music.
nina_e nina_e 8 years
I agree, at least he isn't one of these actors turned singers who suck. He is a brand. He is expanding his brand, good for him
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 8 years
As long as he isn't singing I think it'll be ok.
BostonChick BostonChick 8 years
I think this is the most random thing I've heard all day...all week! Curious to see how this will all work out. Hmm.
Aquamarina Aquamarina 8 years
Ridiculous, ridiculous,ridiculous!!!
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 8 years
He might need the income this venture will generate. College will be uber-expensive by the time his son Levi goes. :)
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 8 years
To quote Charlie Brown..."Oh good grief." :rotfl:
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
Stooooner lmao
LolaDub LolaDub 8 years
good point ally14 i really dont care otherwise..but good for him.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
He'll come out with a bongo album.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
He'll probably suck at that too.
ally14 ally14 8 years
weirdness. Whats with celebrities venturing out and doing things they have no idea about? Leave jobs for the proffesionals!
LolaSvelt LolaSvelt 8 years
I just picked ridiculous even though I don't think he should stick to films. He sucks at that. There should be a 'I don't care' button.
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