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Matthew's Perfect Date

Matthew's Perfect Date

We never would have taken Matthew for a fanny pack kind of guy, but he just continues to surprise us. Matt is back in Australia filming Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson. Matt likes to keep things pretty laid back so it's no surprise that his perfect date would be pretty chill as well. So if you happen to have a date planned with Matt don't expect bells and whistles. Instead, he says:

"I'd go to the movies, then we'd drive home and tell each other what we really dig about each other,” says the actor, who was once arrested while playing bongo drums in the nude.

"I'd cook a little bit for my lady. I have three trailers so I'd take her back to one of them and barbecue. I love to barbecue.

"I'm trying to become a master barbecue chef. I'm mixing my own dry rubs now."

You know that Matt probably makes a mean BBQ! This date may not be fancy, but I don't know too many women who would turn down the chance to hang out with MM. That is of course, if he left that fanny pack at home.


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