Eva topped the Maxim's Hot 100 two years in a row and now she is taking it off again for the cover of the September issue. They can't get enought of her. I would love to see the original photo before they made her skin look perfect. In the interview she talks about making it in Hollywood, Tony, plastic surgery and her obsession with celeb gossip. Here are some highlights:

On her love for Tony, "We spend most of our time in San Antonio. We have such a normal life there. I mean, we hang out and have breakfast, go to his parents, go to my parents. Do laundry. Get the cars washed. Then I’m back in L.A. for two seconds, and I have 40 cars following me and a tabloid says I’m dead because of a fender bender. The hunger for gossip is out of control.”

On how life in L.A. is different, "Well, in L.A. everyone’s beautiful, but it’s so superficial. Everyone relies on their beauty and feels like they don’t have to do anything else. But when you meet someone, and there’s substance to them, when they’re defined by their morals, not “who they know”—that’s a rare thing."

And on her obsession with celeb gossip, “Nobody wants to hear a celebrity whine. It’s like, Oh, poor you! But I felt so bad for Britney Spears after that interview she did [with Matt Lauer]. My heart just broke for her.”

See she feels bad for Britney, just like us. Check out Maxim for more of Eva.