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jleea jleea 8 years
The show is just awesome. It's so colorful and witty, it really drew me in after the first episode. If you're a fan of Lee you should check out the latest movie he's in called "The Fall". It's directed by Mr. Tarsem (The Cell) and it was a beautiful story of a little girl who meets Roy (Lee), who plays an injured stuntman, and gets drawn into his wonderous fable of men who are all on a mission to destroy the tyrant who botched their lives. All the while, the story becomes very real when you realize it's a beautified manifestation of Roy's life. By keeping her at bay with his story, he coaxes her to get pain medication for him during his stay but as times lapses on, he develops a bond with her. It really is such an amazing story, like a romanticized adventure you could curl up to anytime.
paradisee paradisee 9 years
UMh just a tiny Question who the hell is he ?
spaghetina spaghetina 9 years
If Clive Owen and Edward Norton had a son together, this is EXACTLY what he'd look like.
awteena awteena 9 years
i love big fish and i love amelie...and since pushing daisies is smart enough to use elements from both, i am in love with this show, too!
demeter demeter 9 years
OMG he is so hot. So tall and so hot. He's so sweet, definitely my new crush.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
kristen539 kristen539 9 years
he reminds me of a younger clive owen.
giazpt giazpt 9 years
I loved Pushing Daises great show. Its warm,funny,and entertaining.
N-nee1 N-nee1 9 years
Saw the premier and loved it. What a visually gorgeous show and it has a good storyline to boot.
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
Watched the first couple of seconds. Don't find him attractive.
Padraigin Padraigin 9 years
Loved "Pushing Daisies", have a new tv boyfriend in Lee Pace, and absolutely will be watching this show again. I just hope they can keep up the quirky goodness throughout the season.
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
texgirl texgirl 9 years
loved the show ... love him ... i mean how cute is he???
schultzie11 schultzie11 9 years
Am i the only one that thought it was wierd and didnt really get it????? Where can this storyline go next? Is it just the "who killed me thing"?
bart-simpson bart-simpson 9 years
loved this! reminded me of some edward scissorhands/ big fish/ dr. suess type of show (for adults). i just read on IMDB that "Adam Brody was offered for the role of Ned, but turned it down." i'm glad that happened because this Lee Pace guy seems like a better fit for the role.
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 9 years
The show aired here on Tuesday and I must say, I really like it. I had a good laugh. It's different and I can't wait to watch more :) P.s. The pies looked amazing!
Chica8a Chica8a 9 years
watched and luved it :)
VaneM77 VaneM77 9 years
didn't watch the show!
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
whats on his belly in the right photo?
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
Oh good lordy is he beautiful!
debbie00486 debbie00486 9 years
LOVED IT! Hope it sticks around for awhile. <3
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
I loved the show! I tried explaining it to my husband when he got home, but he didn't understand, guess he'll just have to watch one day.
Seraphim Seraphim 9 years
love him! :) and i liked the show a lot too!
DCStar DCStar 9 years
He's so cute! Like a young Nicolas Cage.
is reaper good? i wanted to watch it.... i like that show gossip girl too. good shows good shows. ABC had a terrible year last year with shows though
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