Mel Gibson clearly looks uncomfortable while being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. However, he has found a silver lining to his belligerent tequila-fueled night of drunk driving, anti-Semitic and sexist slurs. The event led him to condemn his own behavior as disgusting and despicable and he now has come to view it as "kind of a blessing." On yesterday's edition of GMA, Mel told Diane Sawyer that in order to quit drinking he needed "a public humiliation on a global scale." Here's more:

"Sometimes you need a cold bucket of water in the face to sort of snap to, because you're dealing with a sort of malady of the soul, an obsession of the mind and a physical allergy,"

Gibson also confessed to trying to spruce himself up for his mug shot in the interest of vanity--hence his slicked-back hair in the photo. "I did my best with a finger combing in the water fountain, to sort of like splash a little water on my face, to not take one of those hideous mug shots, because I knew it would be around," he said.

Though Gibson agrees that his remarks at the time of his arrest were anti-Semitic, he has denied that they reflect his actual beliefs."It sounds horrible, and I'm ashamed of that. That came out of my mouth. And I'm not that. That's not who I am, you know," he said.

The actor-producer said he thought he would be apologizing for his actions for his "whole life." "I've apologized more than anyone I know, so it's getting old," he told Sawyer.

Yeah, we're getting tired of it too, Mel. Check out how Mel tries to shrug and squirm his way through the GMA interview in the clip below.