While the women went for the gold, the men hit the red carpet in a very traditional black look at the Critics' Choice Awards. Could this be what we should be expecting tonight at the Golden Globes? The photos below are a small representation of the many men that walked the red carpet ranging from Clint Eastwood to John Heder. Ben has some kind of smirk on his face while Leo is looking very well rested and tan. We showed you Ryan (with Rachel) before but since he has a special place in our heart he gets the double post. Finally, checkout Sacha Baron Cohen - he looks so normal compared to his Borat character. Which do you prefer?

More on the show later, but in the meantime check out the men dressed in their finest including Cedric the Entertainer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Emilio Estevez, Forest Whitaker, Greg Kinnear, Martin Sheen and many more so