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jamiegirl68 jamiegirl68 5 years
Was it really necessary to post 200 duplicate pictures each of Dakota, Jessica, Cameron, etc.? 
LealandMS LealandMS 5 years
Love what Kristen Dunst, karolina, leighton, renee, emily, diane, emma, scarlett, january, cameron, and rihanna are wearing. gorgeous gowns.
Crystal2601417 Crystal2601417 5 years
Ok, there's a few people that surprised me by their taste in clothing like Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a "home on the range" dress. . but Chloe Sevigny I didn't like her shoes or dress at all . . or Kirsten Stewart.  Kirsten Dunst always looks a hot mess to me, she dresses like an old hag. . and that dress wasn't flattering at all.  Jessica Biel is always boring to me too.  My favorites were:  Nina Dobrev, Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, Jessica Pare and Jessica Chastain, Sofía Vergara, Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson.
dandd dandd 5 years
wow to giselle bundchen, january jones, cameron diaz, rooney mara, karolina kurkova and amy adams super yuk to jessica biel's hair, and the last minute whipped out terrible hem job!
chasha chasha 5 years
 @Fleurelle Agreed!  Rachel Zoe is a fright show as well.
pebbles2077 pebbles2077 5 years
Karolina Kurkova is exactly what a women should look like at the Met. Rihanna is wearign a similar look but the low rent version.
pebbles2077 pebbles2077 5 years
Yuck! Jessica Biel. Her whole ensemble is as boring as her.
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 5 years
Talk about the best bodies in hollywood and the fugliest dresses wrapping them - ewww.  This crop of stylists needs to be FIRED - if it wasnt the cut/style it was awful colors that did not do anyone favors. I dont care that most of these dresses were free for the night, what an incredible amount of  FAILS.
Guest44989 Guest44989 5 years
I didn't realize that I had stumbled on to Met Gala Sugar this morning. Lord.
Fleurelle Fleurelle 5 years
Dear Vera Wang, please eat something with a high caloric content before you disappear! 
Verito2498570 Verito2498570 5 years
the best: emily blunt
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
didn't like: Beyonce (I mean really?), Ashley?!? (in black) and Dakota Fanning (she's usually well dressed)....I loooved January Jones, Rooney Mara and Nina D and the rest were simply pretty...oh,  I always look for SJP and she didn't come through like she usually does
carolineishere carolineishere 5 years
One of my favorite dresses from the night. Donna Karan is awesome.
chasha chasha 5 years
Terrible, horrible editing. Shame because it's actually fun to see all the dresses and wild get-ups from this event but nobody wants to see pics of the same people over and over...and over.  
rhododendron274 rhododendron274 5 years
Love the pictures I did see but the editing is horrible. Wading through 5 and 6 pictures of the same person and the same pose just to see something new kept me from viewing all the pictures.
Moname31 Moname31 5 years
Mad Men mad me dislike her, but I have to say I think she looks amazing. Now THIS is a REAL impressive post-baby body!
chasha chasha 5 years
 @Glamorously LOL @ dried salami!  That woman is seriously one of the ugliest things to be walking the planet.  It is beyond me how someone can have so much money and access to all sorts of things that can enhance/improve the not so great bits yet she chooses to look like that! 
oncewise oncewise 5 years
You go girl: Gisele, RiRi, Emily Blunt, Kristen Wigg...I stopped looking after that cause...   Oh hell no: SJP (did you steal grandma's sofa cover?), January Jones (bad Wolverine impersonation?), Claire Danes (did you cut the sleeves on your bath robe?), Carey Mulligan (did you steal the change from SJPgrandma's sofa), Dakota Fanning & Juliana Hough (were you attending the prom?), Elizabeth Banks (did you come straight from the set of Hunger Games?), Beyonce (why not just go in your undies with fringe around your ankles- you would look the same)... damn near everybody was a hot mess.
noonehere noonehere 5 years
There were some serious miss last night... Emma Stone did it perfectly as usual.
Kstew-fever Kstew-fever 5 years
 @Sheri2667793 Oh please go away with your pathetic reply there is nothing wrong with expressing my opinion towards that Nina freak!!!
modelcitizen13 modelcitizen13 5 years
Love Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Greene.  I like Kirsten Dunst's ensemble- very Coco Chanel. Daring!  Blanchett is always extraordinary.
omg21 omg21 5 years
YAY: Emily Blunt, Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Doutzen, K. Kurkova, Ivanka Trump, Linda Evangelista. NAY: Beyonce, Sarah Jessica, Diane Kruger ( I like you but ...noo), Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, Eva Mendes (are you serious??), Elizabeth Banks, Gwyneth Paltrow,  Milla Jovovich....
omg21 omg21 5 years
I love QUALITY events: we don't need to see Kim Kardashian's face (ass) 
Glamorously Glamorously 5 years
I meant to write Kirsten Dunst's flight attendant uniform!
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 5 years
man, some of these dresses sure do get ya wondering, geez. dakotas dress looks too old for her and too big. claire danes looks like its about to peel off her. do not like careys gold robot dress. and silver? camerons looks too loose in the waist-it makes her boobs look funny like theyre pushed to the middle. leighton looks like she belongs on a cake, love mks black dress, the material looks so rich and opulent. really do not like jessica beils bangs at all. omg, beyonce! terrible. ginnifer goodwin, my favorite. 
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