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Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon. It was confirmed by the LA Times. He was 50 years old and was rushed to the hospital today after suffering a heart attack at his LA home. He was a legend, famous almost all his life. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones, especially his children.

Image Source: WireImage
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sophieruth sophieruth 8 years
poor michael. everone was so mean to him!
wilma1 wilma1 8 years
Iam still in shocked about Michael passed-away.He was such a good singer and can he dance.We lost Farrah in the morning and in the afternoon we lost Michael.My heart goes out to both of there families.Both of them will be miss.
moon-rose moon-rose 8 years
80sBABY83 80sBABY83 8 years
This is just a strong reminder on how tomm. is not promised. MJ was an icon and allowed people like Prince and Usher among others to do what they do. I'm still in shock that Michael Jackson is unreal. I had to pinch myself. The same man who did the moonwalk and wore the glitter out glove is gone. People are so strung out on accusations that were never to be proven true and drug abuse. But forget to remember what he did through music, dance and videos. Before we judge and look at him in this negative light you all need to read up on your history. read up on Elvis and you'll see his drug addiction and his dealings with young girls. But things like that we tend to let pass. SMH! rest in peace Micheal you are the greatest!!!!!!
sbtroxel sbtroxel 8 years
so sad rip. loved his music
Vivivonpurrr Vivivonpurrr 8 years
LMAO @ Caterpillar Girl....;)
tagen22 tagen22 8 years
It was a shock initially, and now I feel relieved. Whether he was a pedofile or not (I believe he was), he has seemed like a prisoner in his own body for years and years, so whether the world just got rid of one pervert or he just found peace, Okay. And to those who worry about his children, I'm sure they will see an improvement in their lives now, not the other way around. Perhaps they will have some chance at normalcy.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Yeah, I did. I meant to say that all the bad that someone does in their life does not cancel out all of the good they may have done as well. Being realistic and mourning the loss of an entertainer and a legacy of iconic music is fine. I also personally mourn because a man who was extremely flawed personally did not get a chance to turn his life around. He was on the verge of a comeback. I hope he made his peace with God before he left.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I dont wait to pick on anyone symphonee, but you walked right into that one! I got that you said pedophilia wasnt ok, but that staement before kinda cancelled that out. I agree dont rejoice in his passing, I certainly am not.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
CG- sometimes it seems like you wait to pick on what I say but... I also said that his pedophilia was not ok and it never is under ANY circumstance but for people to rejoice in his death is wrong. He was a human being. His children are now fatherless and they are happy about it. Rejoicing in THAT is never right either
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
I just wanted to add that I know there are people who think mourning the loss of MJ is pathetic, because there are many people dying at this very second, and the only one's truly touched by it are their families. I think some people, when they become a celebrity, especially a huge celebrity, they start to become more like a family member, or perhaps just a person who you felt was a big part of your life, and a person who helped define generations of music or acting, or any other kind of art. MJ truly did inspire people around us to give us what we have today. Great music. No one is saying the guy was a saint, no one is. But what I am saying is that regardless of that, he was a very talented guy, who could light up a room and excite people with his music. Not every entertainer has that kind of effect on people. It seems people like Britney Spears (when she was normal...) was all about the people who were teenagers and tweens in the early late 90's and early 2000's. MJ can be recognized by 10 year olds just because he is *that* big. I am not his biggest fan, but I respect his music, I respect his legacy. And I hope that after the terrible life he had, he can find peace. I also hope that his kids realize that their dad, though had many accusations against him, and acted a little weird, was truly talented and will be very sorely missed.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
"He may have slept with children but he also gave millions to charities" .....................speechless
mel92 mel92 8 years
oh, and it never says sleep, it says share there's a difference. Anyway i'm over people. I'm going to bed it's late over here in oz.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I feel really sad for all the people saying that it was good that he died. No one should wish death on another human being. He was a flawed human being but a human being none the less. We all have done some things that others would not approve of, but to wish death on anyone is just sad. Everyone has good and bad in them to ignore one for the is ridiculous. He may have slept with children but he also gave millions to charities. NO, this does not make his pedophilia ok but to wish him death is not better.
mel92 mel92 8 years
okay then i agree, all the power to you
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I honor his legacy, I dont honor the man.
mel92 mel92 8 years
He died, for some reason it's effecting me greatly. That doesn't mean I worship him, it means i want people to honor his leagcy and not say crap like "i'm gonna dance on his grave", "finally my son's safe". I have found alot of people's reasoning is unprecedented.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
mel, he admited to sleeping in the same bed as the kids and saying it was perfectly normal.
cakeshinigami cakeshinigami 8 years
*lols at mel92's unquestioning celebrity worship*
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Regardless of how you felt about the charges that he was leveled with one thing we can not dispute is that he influenced MILLIONS of people with his music and own unique brand of entertainment. Leave your crappy comment for the rest of the sites that are already in existence to bash MJ. NO ONE should have to bury their their parent before they are even of age and that is what his three children have to do. RIP to the legend, the Icon the King of Pop!!
hills hills 8 years
i was SO shocked when i heard this last night, it was about 12 when we heard in England about it, i was one of the very lucky ones to have gotten tickets for his 02 concerts in London, i was so excited but i really do just feel so sad for his kids and the ones who loved him, such a sad shame, i think he just pushed himself too hard but i really loved his music and especially dances from when i was little and hope that he can be at peace now.
eveday eveday 8 years
It's very true MJ had issues. What he turned out to be was a very different person than what he was, but something deep did it to him. I mean, the guy didn't have a childhood, was abused, and ended up just being like a cash cow for his parents. It's very sad to me. Not that it just happened to him, but because it happens to a lot of people (maybe not the cash cow aspect, though). He was talented, and I always liked seeing him, even in the really stupid music videos. I never understood how a person could get so hurt, so upset, so traumatized that as an adult they try to change who they are completely. He changed the outside, and the inside was always being ripped apart. Aside from not liking almost anything he did after Thriller, I completely agree with Chrstne here. I remember watching that very weird interview (he was at his hotel room surrounded by creepy looking mannequins) and that there was a moment I could see why he became that troubled. He mentions, among other things, that -- back in the Jackson Five's days and when he was just a child -- he witnessed his brothers having sex with groupies and that he was shocked but couldn't say a word. I know that is not enough to turn anyone into a child molester in the future and I'm not justifying anything he did later on. But the man did not have a normal childhood. I believe he molested those kids and that he paid a lot of money to get away with it...but I can't deny I still listen to many of his songs, and that his death is somewhat sad.
mel92 mel92 8 years
oh and when i said "but he did say he slept in the same bed" i meant didn't.
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